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January 12, 2023

Lost in the thrill of it all

Filed under: Alameda — Lauren Do @ 6:02 am

Yes, yes I know we just finished an election but is it ever too early to talk about what happens in four years when Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft is termed out? The answer is no it’s never too early.

I just wanted to quickly go over the results of the Statement of Vote which has the votes broken out by precinct and whether they are Election Day or Mail votes. If you couldn’t guess the Election Day vote share is very small compared to the vote by mail votes. Election Day votes are also the only place where Trish Spencer managed to beat Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft because, unlike their first match up, Trish Spencer couldn’t even win Bay Farm precincts outright this time. She lost every single precinct.




I mean, we shouldn’t have been surprised given the vote spread. But I’m old enough to remember when people suggested that Frank Matarrese in the race pulled votes away from Trish Spencer who would have won if not for the inclusion of Frank Matarrese on the ballot. There were only four precincts where Trish Spencer managed to beat Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft in the Election Day votes alone. It wasn’t a lot of votes but they were very small victories for Trish Spencer. And by small I mean it was a total of 302 votes overall for Trish Spencer in those Election Day precincts.

Will this lack of progress for Trish Spencer deter her from running for Mayor four years from now. Doubt it. But what is growing increasingly clear is that Tony Daysog looks to be positioning himself for a Mayoral run in four years. On the heels of his November performance I can see how Tony Daysog would feel very confident and, unless a better candidate pops up, he might very well be able to win. In this 2022 election Tony Daysog was the top vote getter in every single precinct. Mirroring Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft’s dominating victory. Of course, Tony Daysog who isn’t the most reflective of elected officials won’t understand that in an election which saw two incumbents in their seats cruise to victory AND the voting public agreeing that City Council candidates deserve to be paid more won’t understand his win was based on people associating him with the status quo which he never refuted in his campaign statement or his literature. Unlike Trish Spencer who ran against the existing trajectory of the City by saying it needed to be fixed, Tony Daysog embraced the work that he had done (or rather work that other people had done that he didn’t vote against).

What will be interesting is what will happen if we see a Tony Daysog, Trish Spencer, and other person ballot in four years for the Mayor’s seat. Tony Daysog will be termed out and if Trish Spencer wins re-election in two years she’ll have nothing to lose by running for Mayor again so a head to head (plus other candidate) is looking inevitable. Maybe Tony Daysog will stop being so deferential to the twice rejected “people’s Mayor” in these next four years.

Another interesting tidbit from the statement of vote is the massive number of undervotes for City Council. More on that later.


  1. Not surprised that no precinct went for the out of reality, but kinda expected a BFI or two would have just tipped over the edge.
    I have not looked at the detail yet, but it certainly seems by the results as you noted the vast majority of voters think the City is on the right direction.

    Missed the 3rd CC meeting, it will be interesting to see if the members seem to keep the 2022 play book or if a new collaborative one emerges.

    Comment by Ron Mooney — January 12, 2023 @ 8:46 am

  2. Trish had already lost before Election Day. She lost because (a) she didn’t have the funds to combat the ballot harvesting operation that swamped her, and (b) local activists painted her as “pro-Trump” by innuendo, outright lies and a misinformation campaign that drowned Alamedans in inaccurate pamphlets and mailers. Her campaign did pull Ashcraft away from the progressives and back towards moderates-which Daysog’s emphatic re- election showed is where most voters remain.

    But don’t you think Malia Vella will run for Mayor in 2024? Or has she made such an enemy of the Bontas by running against them that her political career is over?

    Comment by Real Observer — January 12, 2023 @ 10:20 am

    • What do you think ballot harvesting is? Please describe it.

      Comment by Observable — January 12, 2023 @ 10:54 am

    • You should make a resolution to find other news sources. I would highly suggest the documentary on HBO “This Place Rules” perhaps it will help reflect back to you some of the questionable news sources you lean so heavily on.

      Comment by Lauren Do — January 12, 2023 @ 11:06 am

    • This is hilarious!
      You should sign up for an open mic night.
      She had access to plenty of funds, if she wanted them.
      Not hard to paint her as pro Trump, when she supplied the paint.

      Been following MEA, it seems to me she has stayed pretty consistent over the years.

      Your Observations seem to be through strange glasses.

      Comment by Ron Mooney — January 12, 2023 @ 8:15 pm

    • You do know that Trish Spencer attended Donald Trump’s inauguration, right? And the only precincts she won last time were the ones with the most Trump voters. Walks like a duck, quacks like a duck…

      Comment by My Observation — January 15, 2023 @ 1:06 pm

  3. What do you think ballot harvesting is? Please describe it.

    Comment by Observable — January 12, 2023 @ 10:56 am

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