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May 25, 2018

Saying the quiet part out loud

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If you haven’t been following the trajectory of the Friends of Crab Cove and the APC Wellness and Respite Center saga, you’re really missing out. In a good way. Because following along is really not for the faint of heart.

Even though Friends of Crab Cove started out with graphics of kids and asking you think of the children, they’ve slowly moved away from that language and instead are choosing to go to the, “well EBRPD needs more open space and this is what WW said it was going to do.”

And they’re doing it in a really shady way, because it’s not as though EBRPD actually wants the space. In their settlement agreement they’re supposed to be okay with not getting it and being okay with whatever ends up there. So Friends of Crab Cove are using the cover of EBRPD to appeal to folks to sign their ballot initiative when what they really want to do is just not live next to a Wellness and Respite Center.



May 24, 2018

Pander express

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Another video that has been patiently waiting in my YouTube uploads waiting to go.  I don’t often use the word shill, and won’t today, but perhaps cape would be the better term.  Watch here as former City Councilmember (also running for City Council) Tony Daysog performs the most gross and blatant bit of pandering politicking ever.

The context, one of the public comment portions regarding Jill Keimach.  I appreciated the one news dude removing the microphone during Tony Daysog’s comments which must have killed him a little bit inside.


May 23, 2018

Good and bad, black and white

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And more on that bad look for the Rec and Park Commission, this set of videos comes from the the May 10 Rec and Park Commission meeting.  As a side note there was a very abrupt announcement at the beginning of the meeting that one member of the commission resigned but there was no reason why.  So local Alameda historian Rasheed Shabazz speaks during open comment about the Jackson Park renaming thing again.  The full video is here:


May 22, 2018

Speaking of “bad looks”

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Okay this video is from all the way back in mid-April.  This is the Rec and Park Commission meeting (remember those are the meetings that I told you where all the drama that is not the City Council happens). This is an agenda item that, honestly, was a bit confusing if you aren’t really in the mix of things.  Basically it’s about how the usage for all the Rec and Park athletic facilities are allocated.

Sounds pretty complicated right?

Add to that staff (I believe) had suggested that two of the members of the Rec and Park Commission had to recuse themselves from the discussion because they sat on the boards of some groups that were requesting facility usage.  One of the Board Members made herself scarce, but the other one sat in the audience because she was told that she would be able to — as a private citizen — listen to the discussion.


May 21, 2018

National Horror Story: not normal

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I usually only try to reserve these for Fridays but this is not normal, right?

The whole twitter thread is worth reading.

May 18, 2018

National Horror Story: they came for…

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Because this is where we are people:


May 17, 2018

Failure to house

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From the Chronicle Editorial Board:

California’s housing crisis is centered in the Bay Area, and the region’s booming economy is increasingly inequitable and unsustainable.

From 2011 to 2016, California added a net of just 209 new housing units for every 1,000 new residents.

That’s right people. From all the talk about out of control housing, statewide only 209 new housing units have been built for every 1000 new residents.


May 16, 2018

Not that kind of settlement

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May 15, 2018

Soul cycle

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On the agenda for tonight is the Council Referral about this item.  Requested by Mayor Trish Spencer even though this document had already been made available to her and pretty much clarified everything that she had questions about in her Referral.  As pointed out by Mike McMahon in the comments, it’s not only Alameda residents who are coming out of the wood work to oppose a facility to care for the most vulnerable in our communities, but it’s happening everywhere.   I mean it’s such a prevalent theme that you have to double check what you’re reading to make sure that it’s not satire first.

Also under providing housing for the most vulnerable in our community: the new APC plan aka RESHAP at Alameda Point.  This agenda item is asking for the City Council to approve a DDA and Development Agreement for the project.


May 14, 2018

Dysfunction junction: council interruptus

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A periodic reminder of how well the City Council works together.

And of course cutting people off that Trish Spencer doesn’t seem to want to hear from is not something new:


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