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12th grade demographics

Overall demographics for 12th grade:

22 White 73.3%
3 African American (two are multi-racial but not coded) 10%
3 Asian 10%
     1 Japanese 3.3%
     1 Korean 3.3%
     1 Chinese 3.3%
2 Filipino 06.6%

Demographics by attendance area, click here for ethnicity legend, Also as noted there are two bi-racial students coded as “African American” I have substituted two Tiger Woods for two Michael Jordan at Alameda High to account for that.  Also there seems to be a bit of a disrecpancy between tne breakdown I have and the totals given between the Korean and Filipino students.  I will go by the breakdown and not the totals so there is either an extra Korean student or one too few Filipino students in the breakdown.

From Alameda High attendance area (60% of total):


From Encinal High attendance area (40% of total):


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  1. So, perhaps this “lottery” thing at ACLC is a false argument. Who’s applying and why? The profile from EHS is most revealing; it might match the profile from Skyline High in the 1980s. Maybe ACLC should be named Refuge High School.

    Comment by TManno — August 18, 2008 @ 2:22 pm

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