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July 30, 2015

Critical mess

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There’s one issue regarding the School Board appointment that has been hinted about but I haven’t touched at in detail.  I might have mentioned it in my “cons” section when Anne McKereghan was reduced as the “parcel tax” candidate as though that were the only qualifications that she had to offer.

At the end of the meeting during the reopening of public comment, a lot of people came up to tout Gray Harris’s parcel tax experience in order to counter-balance this particular narrative about Anne McKereghan.


July 29, 2015

Don’t hate the player

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I have heard from no less than five different people about the machinations of Philip Hu and how his courageous move was some larger political game that he played.

Here’s how to story goes based on cobbling together pieces from various sources: Philip Hu had planned all along to support Gray Harris, but first he intended to throw his support to Anne McKereghan because he knew that there would be a deadlock and that he would come out looking like the hero if he then switched his vote to break the deadlock.

If that indeed the case then I say, “bravo.”  Look, anyone playing a long and involved political game like that deserves recognition that he outplayed some seriously political players.

But here’s why it’s probably a bit of a stretch.


July 28, 2015

Lead vs lead away

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I mentioned yesterday that former Mayor, Marie Gilmore, was the one person that — during the re-opening of public comment — reminded the School Board of their duty to make a decision that night.  The possible fallout of not appointing that night would have been a forced Special Election, but — in the interim — the seat would have been filled by the Alameda County Office of Education, completely removing the local School Board from the equation.

Clearly that was not what anyone wanted.

While everyone else was desperately trying to tell the School Board why their candidate should be the choice, Marie Gilmore said what needed to be heard.  While it would have been better for the School Board to have a frank discussion about the pros and cons of each of the candidates, a straightforward and frank reminder was necessary to move the topic along.


July 27, 2015

Don’t blink, don’t even blink.

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The video is up for the School Board meeting appointment and boy, it’s a doozy.   I mean, I sort of knew that it was going to be weird and awkward, but I didn’t think it was going to be strange, and at times, downright ugly.  Let’s just say that it will surprise no one to learn that there some folks are not happy with some of the statement made during this meeting.

I find it absolutely mind boggling that, when the process was designed, given the messiness that happened the last time around with a deadlock that there would have been a way to break a deadlock this time around.  Either by random lots, vote by the superintendent, feat of strength, or a battle to the death.  I’m not picky.

Here’s the recap of how the voting went down: Gary Lym threw his support for Anne McKereghan.  Barbara Kahn supported Gray Harris.  Solana Henneberry also supported Gray Harris. Phil Hu supported Anne McKereghan.  After a deadlock vote, a brief discussion about ranked choice voting and reopening public comment; Phil Hu relented and switched his support to Gray Harris.

So, the positive of the night:  (1) The two unknown candidates were actually refreshing and adorable. Maybe not ready for prime time, but it was really nice to have a different perspective.

(2) Gary Lym reading aloud from this blog post. Woot!

(3) The articulate statements from all the candidates.

Unfortunately the negatives kind of outweighed the positives.


July 24, 2015

Giving me the Willies

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I’ll write in detail about the School Board appointment next week when the video gets uploaded, but, to nutshell, based on the twitter timeline from AUSD and reports in the comments section, Gray Harris has been selected and sworn in to fill out the remainder of Niel Tam’s School Board seat.

There were some surprises and some not so surprises, but again, I wanted to get a chance to watch the actual video before writing too much in depth about it. Simply based on the information on the twitter play-by-play, it appeared that — much like during the vote the last time that it took someone showing true leadership and relenting to move the issue along.  Last time it was Jane Grimaldi who made the gesture, this time, the man that she stepped aside for switched his vote after seeing that the other three were too entrenched in their positions to move the vote along.

On a lighter note, this weekend is the Art and Wine Fair on Park Street which can only mean one thing, that’s right, funnel cake.


July 23, 2015

Grow old with me

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On Tuesday night the City Council voted to move forward with the senior affordable housing at the Del Monte site.  The big vote for that project was to transfer City owned land to the Housing Authority, which — as someone pointed out on Twitter — could have been a place where the “no development anywhere ever” crowd could have made their stand to stop this development by not voting for the transfer.  The project needed four votes to move forward.

Of course voting against anything that is for seniors is pretty much a non starter in this town much like being anti-park.  The unanimous vote is a surprise (but not really because of the senior aspect) for the Councilpeople who were supposed to put the brakes on development.  Yet more units to add to the list of approved housing units.


July 22, 2015

Loss leader

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The Atlantic highlighted another segment of the population affected by the high housing costs in the Bay Area: teachers.

The irony is that for communities where families move to specifically for the schools, the teachers that are the backbone of those great schools are being pushed out because they can’t afford to live in the area.

From the Atlantic:

“Housing is one of the biggest reasons we lose teachers from one year to the next,” said Dave Villafana, the president of the teachers union in Cupertino, Apple’s hometown. “They can’t afford a house, and rent is prohibitive as well.”

Villafana, who has taught in Cupertino for 28 years, said that for the last 15 years district teachers have increasingly had to live elsewhere—often a 45- to 65-minute commute away on the area’s clogged freeways—in order to afford rent. Owning a home, he said, is “not even a thought.”


July 21, 2015

Tipping the scales

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Two big issues tonight: one at the City Council and the second at the School Board.  The City Council — in what appears to be the last meeting before their August recess — will be considering an ordinance to strengthen (slightly) protections for renters in Alameda.  The big things will be formalizing the Rent Review Advisory Committee as part of one of the many other Commissions in the Municipal Code.  The other big thing will the the requirement to participate in the RRAC process which starts with a notice that must accompany the notice for rent increase.

Arguably the bigger issue will be the possible appointment of a School Board member tonight TOMORROW NIGHT (sorry folks! totally had my dates confused) to fill Niel Tam’s vacated seat.  Unfortunately because the City Council meeting is in session this meeting will be held at Island High School rather than the chambers and if you want to know what’s happening you’ll have to go there in person.  Arguably one reason why it’s a shame that the meeting didn’t get bumped to a time when people could watch on the TV if they couldn’t make it in person.  I guess we’ll have to watch the twitter feed instead.  It is, however, being held at Island High School and am not sure why.  But it’s at 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday night.


July 20, 2015

Rent roh

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Two bits of news from outside Alameda, but definitely affects Alamedans.  If you are a member of the Alameda renters Coalition Facebook page there is tale after take of rent hikes and 60-day notices.  The first is from a city north of Alameda, from Santa Rosa which recently attempted to stem the tide through a form of rent control.  The proposals were defeated by a vote of 4 to 3.  From the Santa Rose Press Democrat:

But it rejected, also on a 4-3 vote, a proposal to temporarily bar landlords from increasing rents by more than 3 percent per year while the City Council discusses the larger issues of affordable housing at future meetings.

The close votes mirrored a deep division in the community about whether the city should address the issue through more regulation or less.

Regarding the moratorium, Combs stressed that she was only proposing the ideas to protect renters from landlords seeking to impose sharp hikes before rent control could be implemented. But a majority of council members felt that talking about rent control would spook landlords, exacerbating the very problem the council was trying to solve.


July 17, 2015

Above School Board

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As mentioned by Susan Davis yesterday the School Board subcommittee landed on a process to selected a successor to Niel Tam:

During the appointment agenda item, candidates will have 20 minutes to give a personal statement (if they choose to) as well as answer questions from the board. Boardmembers will then hear public comment on the candidates, have a discussion about the candidates, and vote for the candidate they believe is best suited for the position.

A candidate will need three votes to be appointed. The appointee will be sworn in that night

From additional information given by Mike McMahon in another post it appears that random lots will be drawn to choose which order the candidates speak.

For those that just want straight information about who the candidates are and their application packet, click here.


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