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Ethnicity Legend

I had intended to use graphics of kids from It’s a Small World to depict the ethnic groups represented at ACLC, but instead chose to use varying professional athletes.  For those unfamiliar with some of the faces and their corresponding ethnic background, this legend should prove useful:

White — Peyton Manning, NFL Football Player (you’ll be seeing a lot of Peyton)

African American — Michael Jordan, NBA Basketball Legend (I believe this photo is from his Washington Wizards days)

Latino — Oscar de la Hoya, Olympic Gold Medal Boxer (and Grammy nominated pop star, although heck if I know any of his work)

Native American/Alaskan Native — Jim Thorpe, Olympic Gold Medalist, professional basketball, football, and baseball player (sort of like Bo Jackson, but better)

Filipino — Eugene Amano,  NFL Football Player

East Indian — Mohini Bhardwaj, Olympic gymnast, of course East Asian gets shuffled under the larger “Asian” category

Chinese — Michelle Kwan, Olympic Figure Skater, and Chinese gets shuffled under the larger “Asian” category as well.

Korean — Michelle Wie, Professional Golfer, Korean, Asian category, etc…

Vietnamese — Dat Nguyen, former NFL player, Vietnamese, Asian category, etc…

Japanese — Kristi Yamaguchi, Olympic gold medal figure skater, Japanese, Asian category, etc…

Cambodian — Kris Dim, Bodybuilder, Cambodian, Asian category, etc…

Other Asian — Tom Mastny, ML Baseball player, is actually Indonesian but will fill in for the “Other Asian” category and is under the larger “Asian” category

Samoan — Junior Seau, NFL Football Player, Samoan is probably under the “Pacific Islander” category for official reporting purposes.

Bi-racial — Tiger Woods, Professional Golfer, Tiger is filling in for the bi-racial African American kids who have been reported as simple “African American” rather than “Multiple” or even ACLC’s own “Multiracialethnic”

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