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October 5, 2021

Dividing line

Filed under: Alameda — Lauren Do @ 6:05 am

There’s an item about the City’s homelessness plan on tonight’s City Council meeting. The plan uses a lot of pages to talk about what the homeless population in Alameda looks like, how people and families become homeless which is good if you need to be convinced that something needs to be done to help people exit homelessness.

There’s the usual bit about needing to secure more housing but — as one member of the public noted with a helpful map — all of the City’s efforts recently have been to use sites mostly on the West End and, more specifically, west of Webster.

I mean, we all knew that was happening but when you see the pins dropped on a map like that it makes the reality quite stark.

It is, as with everything controversial or undesirable in Alameda, the fallback to just put it in the West End or, more specifically, shunt it to Alameda Point. Even when we have land available, like the Carnegie Library or even the park and ride lot at Bay Farm, we don’t, honestly, consider those sites as options for providing services and shelter to Alameda’s unhoused population.

Until that inequity (and other East/West divide inequities are addressed) there will always be the feeling that the West End is, somehow, less important to City leaders (from the City government to the School District) than the East End.


  1. after 78 years living here in the deep West End all I can say is,,,,,, NO SHIT !!!!!!

    Comment by John P. — October 5, 2021 @ 7:41 am

  2. “I’ll take things that will never happen for $500, Alex.”

    Comment by LetsgoBrandon — October 5, 2021 @ 8:05 am

  3. I agree Lauren.

    And it seems that the City has already started the process of buying properties for the Road Home Plan. The Surfside Apartment complex on Central Ave looks like a recent purchase, and as I mentioned in an earlier post – John Knox White said the Big Whites at Alameda Point are next.

    Both properties are located on the West End.

    The Road Home Plan should be a shared community responsibility – the obligation of providing housing for the unhoused should not be solely placed on the West End and at Alameda Point. The city owns other properties east of Webster. The Carnegie Library should be considered — as well as the Foster House.

    The Road Home Plan document opens up other questions and concerns for me:

    • What is the decision-making process for the selection of these properties?
    • There seems to be no transparency in the process.
    • There seems to be no community input in the process.
    • What properties have been purchased to date? Where are they located?
    • Are there any properties currently in escrow? If so, where are they located?
    • Is there an inventory of public lands being considered?
    • Is there an inventory of private lands being considered?
    • Are there restrictions recorded with the purchases? If so, what are they?
    • For private lands, is there a neighbor notification requirement – should there be?
    • Who will manage or operate these properties? Is there an RFP process?
    • What is the funding source for the acquisition or leasing of these properties?
    • Is there an accounting of the funds spent to date, and what are the remaining funds available?

    Comment by Karen Bey — October 5, 2021 @ 8:21 am

  4. Some days it’s “Homeless people are not to be feared, we should welcome them and no, they NEVER trash a never neighborhood EVER and how dare anyone vote against a new homeless center in a residential neighborhood?!?!”

    Some days it’s “OMG it’s so unfair that the camps and garbage we should warmly welcome are all so close to my house.”

    Comment by Make up your mind — October 5, 2021 @ 8:33 am

    • Are only West End residents entering homelessness? Are there no unhoused people on the East End?

      Comment by Lauren Do — October 5, 2021 @ 8:55 am

    • Oh look, it’s the lady who can’t understand basic logic. “Let’s welcome our unhoused neighbors, and let’s intersperse them throughout our city instead of stacking them into one particular neighborhood.” How hard was that?

      Comment by Reality — October 5, 2021 @ 9:37 am

      • Why should they be interspersed? That would only be necessary if they created problems, but since we all know they don’t pile up trash, steal what isn’t nailed down or crap on the sidewalk, there is no issue with them being in your neighborhood. Right?

        That’s why everyone wants tents next door. Right?

        Comment by Jesus, you're stupid — October 5, 2021 @ 10:01 am

        • It’s the same reason why the fair housing act was passed, because poor people should have access to the same resources that wealthy people have as well. It’s good to understand history and the context of how we got to where we are so you can be a little less awful.

          Comment by Lauren Do — October 5, 2021 @ 10:11 am

        • First step to solution is admitting problem.

          The problem is that homeless services attract a lot a negatives, like piles of garbage and sidewalk toilets. You and your wokety-woke pals have spent so much energy screaming that no, no, no — homeless doesn’t bring those problems. Start by being honest about why you don’t want that in your backyard, and then maybe people will work with you. You get farther with honesty. Everyone knows that homeless services bring problems. Stop telling us they don’t, then maybe we’ll listen to you.

          Comment by Honesty -- give it a shot — October 5, 2021 @ 10:37 am

        • Or maybe the East End and Bay Farm should accommodate its struggling families and not keep pushing them out of their homes and away from the resources they’re familiar with.

          Comment by Lauren Do — October 5, 2021 @ 12:48 pm

        • Jesus, you’re stupid – we have many homeless services in this city, none of them with tents next door. Midway Shelter doesn’t have tent cities, APC doesn’t have tent cities, etc. Your failed 2019 special election is calling – they want your bullshit fear-mongering hysteria back.

          Comment by Jesus - YOU'RE Stupid — October 5, 2021 @ 3:20 pm

        • Also, and thanks for the multiple amusing names, _even if_ the supportive housing did cause problems, why should only one portion of a town bear the impact? I’m not agreeing that they do – just I’m failing to see the logic here. Why extend pain to only “not my area”? I mean, sure, if you believe that supporting unhoused folks causes problems AND that you and your area somehow should be spared any negative impacts – sure, go ahead and visit them on other people. Besides, if they didn’t want terrible service from their town government and to be looked down on in perpetuity, they would have bought east of Grand! Obviously!! By choosing to be Over There, they are Those Kind Of People and deserving of contempt. Every time I think how happy I am to live in a place I love, I read these comments or Nextdoor and just . . . the shine rubs off a bit more.

          Comment by I Can't Believe This is Still an Argument — October 5, 2021 @ 4:36 pm

  5. rocket manufacturing also here close to residences. super loud. air quality issues too.

    Comment by Mary m — October 5, 2021 @ 8:50 am

    • I live a block away from “rocket manufacturing”, I walk by there almost seven days a week so far I have not noticed super loud noise or bad air.

      Comment by John P. — October 5, 2021 @ 12:35 pm

    • I live a block away from Astra, if that’s what you’re talking about, andI never hear anything. If there is anything I’ve noticed that makes noise from that area it’s the buzzing sounds coming from the power substation just North of Astra and even that isn’t loud, but weird.

      Comment by Josh Hawn — October 5, 2021 @ 1:12 pm

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