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December 10, 2021

Inconsistency: thy name is Trish Spencer

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In September 9, 2016 Trish Spencer called for review a project at the Harbor Bay Business Park. The project was one that would have accommodated around 150 residents in a supportive living situation for senior citizens. This fell outside of the the area that the Port of Oakland expressly forbids residential living:

Her reason for calling the project for review AND voting to overturn the Planning Board approval?

I asked the question earlier would we put what I called “regular residential” in this location and the answer was no and my response to that then has to be if it’s not appropriate for “regular residential” it cannot be appropriate for a vulnerable population and that’s where I stand.

She went on to describe how noisy the location was (remember this is in the green shaded area on the map in the tweet above, the majority of the business park is in blue) and that if that location were to be residential then it would be difficult for existing homeowners to make the argument to the Port of Oakland to reduce noise levels.

But that was Trish Spencer in 2016. 2021 Trish Spencer has thrown all of those arguments in the shredder and is now 100% behind residential in the business park. Even in the area that the Port of Oakland declares residential to be absolutely incompatible.

Both Penumbra and Exelixis are rock throws away from the Oakland Airport runways, you can google it if you like.

I guess if you stand for nothing other than obstruction, these baldface inconsistencies and contradictions in your positions don’t bring you any shame at all.

But honestly, if the City can get the Port of Oakland to change their flight paths to make all those Harbor Bay parcels available for residential: do it. Build ’em high and build ’em big. But the lowest hanging fruit is that site that Trish Spencer killed in 2016. Start with that one, bring it back with the Site A entitlement and Encinal Terminals. By the way the underlying zoning on that parcel is C-M-PD with a maximum height limit of….drumroll please….

100′ feet.

Yes, you read that right, 100′ feet. If you think of a general building story to be about 10′. Well that site could accommodate a 10 story building. Right next to the ferry, it would be perfection. Once this gets approved, I hope someone will crowd source sending Trish Spencer a muffin basket to thank her for championing density on Bay Farm.


  1. Here’s the thing.

    The port of Oakland will do no such thing.

    That’s why Trish supports it.

    In this way it’s completely consistent with Trish’s approach to housing, which is to ensure nothing gets built.

    Comment by Angela — December 10, 2021 @ 7:27 am

  2. If Trish “Gumming the Works” Herrera Spencer doesn’t stand for intentional government incompetence, then what does she stand for?

    Comment by Reality — December 10, 2021 @ 8:55 am

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