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May 1, 2013

Animal farm

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I think the discussion about backyard farm animals is getting a bit into the weeds, even though it’s been really helpful to identify issues that arise around this topic.

A few commenters have identified three distinct issues that could be (should be?) taken up separately.   Because I don’t really think that these other issues necessarily need to be addressed in conjunction with that is being presented right now.

So the distinct issues are:

  1. Keeping of backyard farm animals (distance from neighbors, notification, how many, etc)
  2. Public health issues
  3. Backyard slaughter

The ordinance that was presented the other night was to create rules to deal with number 1 only, and allow existing laws to cover the other two.   Right now, Alameda has some rules around the keeping of backyard farm animals, but they are really outdated and in need of refreshing.   Some commenters have suggested — maybe not outright suggested, but hinted at — that we should be having a discussion whether farm animals should be allowed in Alameda at all.   Personally, given the fact that some types of animals are allowed — and since the law is silent on other animals, I would say that they are allowed — having that discussion is unnecessary.


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