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August 22, 2013

Master of your eminent domain

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A few days ago I tweeted out that residents around the Neptune Pointe parcel (McKay Ave aka the parcel that East Bay Regional Park District believes should be handed over to them) received a notice by the General Services Administration (aka the Feds) that they would be starting eminent domain proceedings because of the disagreement as to who owns McKay Avenue and utility easements or who has the right to access whatever.

From the letter:

Due to claims by the East Bay Regional Park District regarding the Federal government’s rights to McKay Avenue, the United States has initiated eminent domain proceedings to secure ownership of McKay Avenue subject to reservation of rights for the State of California and residents of McKay Avenue. By taking ownership of this roadway, the Federal government can facilitate the modernization of the roadway and utilities retained by the Government and ensure all security requirements are met.

The letter goes on to assure the public that the eminent domain will not affect them and that the site will still remain open to the public.   It will be interesting to see how this proceeds because, generally eminent domain has to have a “public benefit.”  If the EBRPD wasn’t in the process of suing the City of Alameda over the zoning of the Neptune Pointe parcel perhaps they would have had a strong ally in this battle against the Feds.


June 5, 2013

Giving me the shingles

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Tonight the Neptune Pointe parcel is up before the Planning Board for the EIR scoping session design review, but they’re calling this thing “Neptune Beach” which I’m sure will annoy some people with great fondness for the old real Neptune Beach.   Here’s the number you are looking for: 48.   Thats how many units are slated to be built, 15% of those would be available for low income housing.   It appears that Tim Lewis Communities, the developer, will not be seeking a density bonus on this sucker.

But, to the graphics…

Site plan, aka how the units will look on the parcel:


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