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February 11, 2013

South Shore up

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Tonight in super ho hum Planning Board meeting agendas, but it does mean that the Planning Board will get out of there early, the PB will be considering a proposal by the owners of South Shore to create a sort of internal design review process that will help streamline the process of bringing new stores into the shopping center.     The idea is that South Shore would get general approval from the Planning Board based on a set of design guidelines that are up for approval.

Essentially the point of all this is so that the interior spaces can have distinct facades instead of just blending into the overall South Shore architecture.   The example used at the Economic Development Commission where this plan was presented was that of See’s Candies — can you picture it in your mind’s eye? — with the white tiled facade.   It’s a unique and distinctive store front but it doesn’t take away from the overall design of the shopping center.

If you look at the design guideline manual, you’ll see some pretty nice storefronts.   If my memory serves since I haven’t been in a long time, it looks like some of those store fronts are from Santana Row in San Jose.   Anyway, they also want to put up some interior sales kiosks, like you see in other malls.


February 15, 2012

Empty spaces, what are we living for

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Some of the more interesting tidbits about the City news can often be found in the most unexpected places.   During the Planning Board meeting on Monday night, during the informational run-through of future agenda items, Planning Services Manager Andrew Thomas let drop that an application would be forthcoming about a potential tenant to fill space at South Shore.   The space: the old Borders building.   That news alone is pretty awesome because the space is a fairly large one and given the state of the economy it’s been pretty tough to fill some of the smaller spaces at South Shore let alone the biggest space of them all, the old Borders store.


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