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May 10, 2013

Bits and pieces

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Big news from yesterday, apparently America’s Cup Team Artemis (Sweden) which has been headquartered in Alameda had a huge accident which resulted in the death of a crew member.

In more tragic news that I have been trying not to think about, the Alameda Community Learning Center is raising money for the family of one of the women who died in the limo fire earlier this week.

In more not depressing news, Paul’s Paella will be “popping-up” at Frog and Fiddle on Webster Street for, I guess, as long as the Frog and Fiddle is open.   The restaurant is currently available for sale so if Paul’s Paella ends up being a success, he says that he might put an offer on the business himself.



May 3, 2013

Mama Papa can you hear me

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All right, a few things going into this weekend which hopefully should still be super nice, weather wise.

Tonight is the Shoots & Ladders basketball game fundraiser thing, Police against Fire at 7:00 p.m.  The game is a fundraiser to benefit Alameda Family Services.    I’m calling the winner as whoever has the taller team overall.

Also, tomorrow will be the Encinal High Extravaganza of Bands which will close off a few streets on the West End but results in some awesome music for those in the area or willing to make the trek.  So be patient if you are heading anywhere near Encinal High School on Saturday.


April 22, 2013

Kitchen sink

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Apparently Bill Phua the developer of the old Cavenaugh Motors site is trying the old kitchen sink approach to leasing his development because honestly it’s not clear if he actually has any businesses interested but he is certainly trying hard to set himself up for something, anything.

At tonight’s Planning Board meeting he’s going to ask for approval of a “Wellness Center” for the front space of his building.  Still, unclear if there is a business in mind or if this is all hypothetical at this point.    The Wellness Center would be for

…physical therapy, exercise and other personal services related to wellness and health along with some wellness product retail


April 12, 2013

At the corner of Park and Tilden

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So, remember how CVS was supposed to go into the space where the old Goode Chevy used to be and relocate from its old location behind the parking garage? Well it appears that CVS is no longer in the running for that prime Park Street space and Walgreens is going in instead, which means that CVS will probably go out of business, I’ll give it six months from the Walgreens opening date.

According to City Staff at Monday night’s Planning Board meeting CVS is out, Walgreens is in. It was unclear if it was CVS that backed out or if there were some contract terms that could not be negotiated. Suffice it to say, Walgreens is a much better operation than CVS so it appears as though the owners are scoring big time with Walgreens going in as opposed to CVS.


April 9, 2013

Strawberry fields forever

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So, I finally got around to watching the City Council meeting of last night and holy hell I guess everyone who had been asleep during the whole time the Park Street North of Lincoln “Gateway District” discussion which has been seven years in the making finally decided at the 11th hour to get up and try to get things to change.

I’m teetering between being sympathetic to the people of “the Wedge” and feeling like they are a little too late.  And they keep talking about the old Island High site as though the City of Alameda has some control over it.   I’m not quite sure why they keep bitching about this to the City Council but the School District owns the property.   If they want to negotiate a land lease or something, go there.   AUSD has done it before, they gave a land lease to the Boys and Girls Club, go to the correct agency.   I guess my sympathy wanes when members of Wedge, not all, but some, imply that the City should be purchasing the old Island High site or force the School District to give them the space, just because they come to the City Council meetings.


April 2, 2013

On the other side

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At the last City Council meeting the Council was supposed  to hear an agenda item about the Park Street North of Lincoln (Gateway District) plans (EIR, new zoning, blah blah blah).  However that item was continued to tonight’s meeting because the attachments didn’t get loaded on to the website, so essentially no one who wanted to could review the materials before the meeting.

There’s some mild disagreement on how the height limit for the Gateway District came about and what it should be eventually settled out, so hopefully that will all become clearer after tonight’s meeting.   I know that the Alameda Architectural Preservation Society (AAPS) is concerned that if the height limit is set to 60′ it might create a “canyon-like” effect on that stretch of Park Street because a bunch of developers will all of the sudden decide they want to max out the height limits even though the height limitation was a whole lot higher for decades and no on ever built anything even coming close to 60′, let alone 100′ tall.

Another argument is that the higher height limit will cause the landscape to be uneven with buildings of different heights.


December 5, 2012

It’s all the same

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So over on Alameda Patch they are running a poll on what should go at Bill Phua’s building, better known as the building next to the Alameda Marketplace and the cause of much drama about the “historic” yellow house which was located on a parcel behind the Park Street parcel.

I think the “I think this restaurant or this business should go here” sort of sentiment is always super helpful.   What I find less helpful is the bitching about “oh there are too many of this type of retail” in Alameda.   As always the whipping boy of “nail salons and hair salons” is always trotted out, because no one seems to like nail salons or hair salons, but amazingly they always manage to stay in business and have plenty of customers.   In the end, what is better: empty storefront or nail shop?   I’m going with the nail shop every time.   When people stop using them, then you will see less of them, until a time when pigs fly and people stop getting manicures and waxing their eyebrows, you’re gonna have nail shops around, deal with it.


September 21, 2012

No Parking

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Taking a bit of a break from the questionnaires, I’ll start up again on Monday, but wanted to point out that today is Park(ing) Day!  For those that don’t know what that is, from the website:

Park(ing) Day is an annual worldwide event where artists, designers and citizens transform metered parking spots into temporary public parks.

It’s a neat community event that happens worldwide on the same day to “take back the streets” so to speak.   Anyway, this year Alameda is getting it’s very first Park(ing) Day park — not without some skepticism from the City — thanks to the efforts of some intrepid Alamedans, but the biggest cheerleader has been Donna Eyestone, you can follow her here on Twitter.

So the details, today in front of Tucker’s Ice Cream instead of a parking spot you will see this:


September 6, 2012

The Park Street Redemption

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Lots of stuff happening on Park Street, if the applicants can get past the Historic Advisory Board.  First up, of Pier 29 fame, Betty Gee will be opening “Betty’s Cafe” at the old Boniere Bakery site and would like to be able to change the Boniere Bakery sign to read Betty’s Cafe.


August 27, 2012

Back to school bits and pieces

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Happy first day of school, to those sending their kids to AUSD schools.   #1 daughter is starting the First grade today so we are all pretty excited for her.   Interestingly enough, right now, Ruby Bridges is pretty full.   That is if everyone shows up on the first day, right now, three of the four Kindergarten classes have two kids over the 25 number and one has 26 students currently assigned.

In other news, tonight is the first night back for the Planning Board after the August break.   The Alameda Station project (former Good Chevy site) is back on the agenda and the Park Street North of Lincoln Planning Area is also back.


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