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September 17, 2012

You asked, they answered: Leland Traiman, Hospital Board candidate

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1. Under what circumstances do you think the Healthcare District should be dissolved, and what process would you use to determine whether or not to pursue that course of action.

Alamedans voted to create the hospital district because they wanted emergency services on the Island. The first order of business is to ask, “Are we fulfilling that obligation?” I do not believe we are and we need to look at where the current Board is failing and assess if the problem can be fixed and, if it can be fixed, how to fix it.

Alameda Hospital should remain opened only if it can provide appropriate and safe emergency services to our citizens. The current Board has so mismanaged the hospital it is not possible to tell, at this time, if that is possible.

If the hospital closed, I would want all parcel tax money to be sequestered until the voters decided. The voters created the hospital district and it is the voters who must decide if they wanted to dissolve the hospital district and have the funds returned to the taxpayers or, if they wished to continue, at a reduced rate, to fund other emergency services to quickly transport people off of the island to surrounding hospitals. This could mean emergency helicopter services or other solutions arrived at in consultation with the county and other hospitals.


August 30, 2012

Almost final Hospital Board questionnaire

So, I didn’t get as many questions for the Hospital Board.  So again, still taking more questions and or revisions and I’ll try to send these out on the first to the candidates.

I’m not sure why there is not as much interest in the Hospital Board, so I had to add a few of my own and make the suggestion about closing the hospital a little less direct.


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