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November 6, 2009

A Target in site?

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So, I had anticipated that the CIC meeting would have been up on the old video streaming on the City website yesterday to talk about what is going on at Alameda Landing, but for some strange reason the video is not up.   Instead the City re-posted an old Planning Board meeting and labelled it as November 4, 2009, when I’m pretty sure there was not a Planning Board meeting scheduled on Wednesday night.

AND…the regularly scheduled closed door ARRA meeting with SunCal was cancelled as well.



January 28, 2009

Flex fluke

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Last week I talked about the Transportation Master Plan which was coming up before the City Council, to briefly summarize, everyone in the City was pretty much in agreement with everything with the exception of one item in the TMP and that was the issue of street widening for the sole purpose of adding capacity for cars.   Basically staff wanted it and the Transportation Commission did not.   Staff claimed that they needed the “flexibility” in order to keep the option open to add more lanes to roads if necessary.  The City Council disagreed with City Staff all except one person.

Can you guess who?

Strangely enough, Doug deHaan stood firmly in the camp of City Staff defending their need for flexibility in order to, ostensibly, provide flexibility to future developers.


November 21, 2008

North Housing by Northwest

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After about a year and a month later the North Village Housing has entered into its public meeting phase after five organizations submitted either (1) public benefit coveyance requests or (2) homeless accomodation requests as required by law for this land that the Navy declared as surplus.   On Monday there will be a public meeting (the second of two, I missed talking about and attending the first one because of the election) to discuss and give input about the plan.  

In the graphic above I have labelled in maroon what is around the site to better orient folks to what is currently already there or also proposed to be there.   The North Housing parcel is basically everything around that wonky sort of loop and spreads out over 42 acres.


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