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March 2, 2018

Helmet head

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Even though the Council Referral item on Lime Bikes has been bumped off the City Council agenda since December, the City is actively seeking opinions on Lime Bike and how you, as citizens, like or do not like the program.

You have until Monday to give your feedback about the program.

It’s interesting though that in the Council Referral one of the things that the Referral wants addressed is the helmet law.  But then there is also a reference to Seattle’s new regulations and regarding helmets, this is how Seattle decided to come down on the helmet issue:

Bike shares won’t be required to do a Pronto-style helmet share, but they will be required to have visible language telling users about helmet laws and to yield to pedestrians on the sidewalk.



March 1, 2018

National Horror Story: gun free zone

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But MAGA or whatever right?  I can’t wait till someone posts about false flags or crisis actors.

February 28, 2018

Time stuck

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It’s good to know that the Open Government Commission has noted the chaos of the City Council meetings and has taken it upon itself to form a subcommittee to make recommendations to the City Council to help it work more efficiently.  Whether or not the City Council chooses to adopt the recommendation is a whole other thing.  But first the subcommittee’s recommendations  have to make it through the Open Government Commission.

Here’s what they are suggesting:

1. Repeal the original Rules of Order resolution, No. 12567, and any resolutions
amending it.
2. Introduce a new resolution adopting Rosenberg’s Rules of Order except for those
rules that may conflict with an express rule adopted by resolution of the city
3. Adopt special rules to supplement Rosenberg’s Rules of Order.

You can view a copy of Rosenberg’s Rules of Order on the agenda item.

But the subcommittee added supplemental rules to help move business along and they’re quite helpful, specifically:


February 27, 2018

Under the bridge

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Good editorial from the Chronicle last week regarding transportation priorities for the Bay Area, but the most interesting thing about the editorial was this map:



February 26, 2018

Calm before the bike storm

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There’s a super angsty thread on NextDoor about the roving bicycle “gangs” of kids around Alameda.  Now, I can empathize with anyone getting caught and feeling surrounded by a bunch of kids acting like, well, fools on bicycles, but the rhetoric around what the Alameda Police should do about these bicyclers teeters between the absurd and the illegal.

I had very mixed feelings about the topic until someone on Alameda Peeps posted this article from Huck Magazine, which is a publication which would trend toward sympathetic to anything counter culture, but I found the piece really enlightening and it has made me rethink any knee jerk negative feelings that I ever had when reading yet another breathless tale of roving bicycle gangs.

This is about the fearless bike movement in London, but it appears that it’s a phenomenon that started in the US. From August 2017, highlights:


February 23, 2018

Into a pumpkin

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Apparently Tuesday’s meeting got a lot worse than Trish Spencer being super rude to the consultants.  The end was a complete shit show of poor time management, people who actively dislike each other, and people who actively dislike members of the City Staff all working against one another to literally not get anything done.

Here’s the nutshell, the City Council ran out of time, again, to tackle any agenda item in a meaningful way.  Because some City Councilmembers opted to fight with consultants about parsing specific language and use up a huge chunk of time the City Council was up against a hard 11 p.m. stopping time.  Why is this 11 p.m. stopping time significant?  Oh, because this City Council has run meetings over 11 p.m. so often that the Sunshine Ordinance holds that if they had voted to run longer than 11 p.m. this time they would have to add additional meetings to their schedule.

So instead of simply running a tighter meeting this time the City Council simply just let time lapse and even ran out of time to set a date to continue to meeting.  Here’s how that played with #alamtg twitter:


February 22, 2018

Why you gotta be so rude

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Tuesday night’s City Council meeting is the poster child for the dysfunction that is the Alameda City Council.

They were able to get through one regular agenda item.


And not even a whole one since they didn’t even really finish the agenda item on the bond issue.

But before I get into that hot mess of a discussion, I wanted to clip out this piece of Mayoral leadership. This bit comes on the heels of her being really condescendingly rude to the consultant who did the polling work for the bond. Apparently Trish Spencer doesn’t seem to understand that these polls are not informational tips about the bond to the voting public, but rather to get a sense of what sort of messaging and priorities prospective voters would be more likely to support. At one point she kept up at least a 30 minute back and forth with the consultants asking essentially the same question over and over again. I suppose she does this in order to catch someone in a gotcha type moment, but it’s super time consuming and Trish Spencer was positively frothy at the end of her cross examination.


February 21, 2018

Can’t stay here

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Did everyone catch this CBS piece on the tiny homes and livestock near the entrance to the tube?

If not, you’re welcome.

Personally, I have heard about the Alameda Maker Farm but I guess my mind never contextualized that it existed as a physical space with pigs and llamas.  Nor did I mentally place the space next to the tube entrance in an industrially zoned area with tiny homes.

Because even though it sounds like a great community what we’re really talking about here is squatting.

I mean yeah, the emotional support pig that was trotted out to the City Council meeting is totally adorable, but if this really feels like an entitled case of asking for forgiveness rather than asking for permission.  Let’s put it this way: if the residents of the Alameda Maker Farm weren’t hipster looking white people (and Asian lady) and instead were some of the much more careworn faces of the long term homeless individuals around town we wouldn’t be having a conversation about “more time.”


February 20, 2018


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Staff has put forward — at the request of the City Council — a proposed RFP for Cannabis Business Operator Permits, but the operations will be limited to:

  • One nursery cultivation/distributor’s permit
  • Four manufacturing permits (including distributor’s permits)
  • Two testing laboratory permits
  • Two medicinal retail dispensary permits (including delivery permits)

So no storefront retail shops just yet.

The minimum requirements to move on to the next phase is:

  • LOI was submitted on or before the March 19, 2018 deadline
  • Pre-Application Review Deposit of $1,000 paid on or before the March 19, 2018 LOI deadline
  • Evidence that a proposed location for the cannabis business has been secured
  • Evidence that the proposed location is outside of cannabis buffer zones for sensitive uses


February 16, 2018

Not today

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Enjoy your four day weekend

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