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November 10, 2020

Those who will not see

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As Alamedans across the island were celebrating on Saturday because, as we know, this island is majority Democrats and generally not into turning more than 500 children into orphans through negligence, it would appear as though precious few of those celebrating Democrats did a deep dive to Joe Biden’s plan for America.

And even if they did I’m sure this is something that they would nod vigorously in support of while conveniently ignoring what was buried in their own backyards. Specifically:


November 9, 2020

Lovely Day

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I was sitting in front of the tv binge watching cable news when I found out that one tv network after the other had started calling the race for Joe Biden. The thing is I knew it was coming because Decision Desk HQ had already called Pennsylvania (and therefore the presidency) for Joe Biden on Monday morning around 8:00 AM. By the way Decision Deck HQ was one of the three twitter accounts I kept refreshing from like midnight on Election day/night and still today just to keep up with the running tallies for states like Arizona, Georgia, and Nevada.

As I watched the spontaneous celebrations happen across big cities in the US and couldn’t remember this happening for any other election, not even for Barack Obama’s historic win. Then I heard people relating these sorts of celebrations to when authoritarian leaders are ousted in other countries and understood better the need for folks to celebrate the collective dread being lifted.


November 6, 2020

You played yourself

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On Wednesday night City Councilmember Tony Daysog did some deep unapologetic caping for ACT and decided to try to get the City Council to sign on to the a letter sent out by some Contra Costa County mayors and deep Alameda County mayors to pick an alternate methodology for allocating RHNA numbers. The hilarious thing about some of those mayors who signed on to that letter, their allocations are actually going up under the alternative methodology, specifically Dublin and Livermore. Here is a side by side of the two methodologies and I’ve circled in red the cities that have an increase under CoCoCo’s alternative. Notice how San Francisco is not included, the allocation goes WAY down.

Anyway, the City Council opted to not sign on to this letter than Tony Daysog wanted to, in case anyone wants to know what happened with the referral item. In fact they did the exact opposite and sent a letter saying they oppose the letter that Tony Daysog wanted them to sign on to.


November 5, 2020

Battle for third

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I’m going to talk about the School Board election, which I’ve not written about all that much because, honestly, any of the picks (with the exception of Leland Traiman) would have been fine. There’s still a lot of vote still out there but I think we can safely say that we’ll see Jennifer Williams return to the dais and Heather Little join the School Board.

Given the aggressive surrogate campaign waged against Jennifer Williams on social media, I was rather surprised to see her in the top spot. In this case I thought Heather Little was the clear consensus candidate so I bet big (in Mike McMahon’s poll) that she would come out on top.


November 4, 2020

Alameda gonna Alameda

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Welp, in 2020 keeping on 2020ing, we don’t yet know the official results of the Presidential election. It looks like the City Council is going to see Malia Vella and Trish Spencer back on the dais and Measure Z is heading for a massive defeat.

The Measure Z vote feels like a real gut punch between you and me. Not because I was counting on it passing. I was cautiously optimistic because, well, I keep thinking that maybe Alameda will, one day, live up to that motto that it clings to about everyone belonging here. That those glimpses of greatness we saw when Alameda voted for the Wellness Center to provide services to the most vulnerable would carry over to shedding Alameda of a law which has been challenged multiple times as being discriminatory to poor people and people of color in Alameda. But, alas, Alameda is what I had feared it was. Just like America, even if Joe Biden ends up winning, is what I had feared it was.


November 3, 2020

Don’t let me down

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This is a message to both America and Alameda. Let’s do the right thing this year. Let’s vote for compassion.

But one last thing before I spend the rest of the day doom scrolling and waiting until the East Coast polls to close. As of yesterday here’s how 2020 stacks up against other years of voting. And, to put the vote, particularly for Measure Z in perspective: in 1973 15,376 cast votes in the first A/26 election. In 1991 when Alameda added the 2000 sq ft provision in A/26 only 12,004 Alamedans voted in that Election. Right now, more Alamedans have voted to consider removing A/26 from the city charter than those that voted to place it in the charter in both elections combined.

When we talk about “the process” and allowing Alamedans to have a frank discussion about A/26 what is more complete a process than scheduling this issue during an election which will ensure the most participation rather than the least. Alamedans will speak to their values with this vote and it will be incumbent on the City Council which will be in place to make sure it acts on those values, no matter the outcome.


November 2, 2020

Compassion is on the ballot

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Yes, I’ve been doomscrolling on social media and following well regarded pollsters on Twitter. I’ve seesawed between hope and despair and just want Tuesday to be over.

But then I return to one of the taglines of the Biden campaign that compassion is on the ballot and I’m hopeful that, this year, the American people are who we present ourselves to be. People who care about other people and not just their own interests. People who put country over party. I’m hopeful that the four year nightmare will end and that we can repair the damage to our nation which has been a hallmark of Trumpism. That we can truly say America is a democracy.

And then I turn to our local election and, true to the the tagline, “all politics is local” we have our own version of compassion being on this ballot.


October 30, 2020

Frightful wait

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Something light to take us into Halloween weekend and the final weekend before Election Day. This year we were blessed with another crop of spooky campaign signs, as a reminder these were the batch from 2010.

This year there are only five candidates for City Council and they all get the spookified treatment. The nod to the cat butt for Trish Spencer’s sign is glorious.

You can see them all after the jump, but click through for the full experience:


October 29, 2020

Inexperienced and ruinous

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A few other tidbits from the Youth Activists Forum, first off was the answers to a question about Prop 15. When the question first came up I was 100% sure this was a softball designed to give all the candidates something to agree on. Turns out, I was wrong and, to be honest, a little heated when I heard the responses:

Then there was a question about whether the candidate would make ethnic studies a requirement for graduation. Now, I know all of you, dear readers, understand that the school district and the City of Alameda are separate entities. But there was one candidate who did not and answered that he would make ethnic studies a graduation requirement: Amos White. Which was, yet another, demonstration that night that he is woefully under informed when it comes to basic Alameda government stuff. When Trish Spencer is better informed than you and gives a nuanced answer, you know you’re in trouble.

Then there was this from Gig Codiga who is, evidently, feeling a little defensive about needing to talk in detail about this mailer:


October 28, 2020

The word is out

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Folks, this is why you try to catch as many forums as possible and this is why I hope that, even in a post COVID world, we continue to live stream these forums for people who can’t make it out in person. On Monday night the Youth Activists of Alameda hosted a City Council forum. I saw a link to this from someone’s Facebook post and so glad that I registered and found the time to listen to this one because there were some things that were said that I don’t think we’ve learned in any other forum.

There are a lot of things to touch on but I’m going to concentrate on one big thing that is really important. It came really early on during the forum so I don’t know how many people were logged on. This was not in answer to any question, this was in the opening statements.

This is what City Council candidate Gig Codiga said about police officers in Alameda:

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