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November 16, 2022

Not with a bang, but a whimper

Filed under: Alameda — Lauren Do @ 6:06 am

Welp folks, the approval of the Housing Element and its inevitable certification by HCD serves as the end of A/26 as we know it. And it went out like a chump, a death of a thousand cuts and Alamedans didn’t even have the courage to put it out of its misery when we had the chance with Measure Z.

And, naturally, it required three people to be the adults in the room while the other two sat around parroting misinformed ACT and AAPS talking points. Elections matter people.

There are a few things I wanted to highlight about last night’s meeting. The public comment was, as usual, public comment-y in the way that people who have not actually read the Housing Element, nor understand anything about the responsibility of cities to certify these Housing Elements speak with ABSOLUTE confidence that their favorite local preservation group and “watchdog” some how know more than the people who do this shit for a living. In fact, we have people on the City Council coughtrishspencercough who didn’t know that Alameda had submitted a draft which had 20 pages of problems that needed remedying before HCD would give Alameda’s Housing Element a stamp of approval. Like, she’s been sitting on the City Council the whole time that the City’s been working on this particular version of the Housing Element, two years, was she actually not paying attention at all?

Then we have ahistoric Tony Daysog who, in four years when he runs for Mayor (god help us all) will probably run on being part of a Council with the first certified Housing Element in the Bay Area even though he voted against it who started down a line of questioning which I feel like he thought would be devastating but ended up making everyone realize that he either forgot the history around A/26 or didn’t care.

Of course Tony Daysog should remember, but it’s not clear that he does which is a shame because the least he could do, considering how many years he has sat on the dais as a Councilmember, is bring institutional memory to the table, but he can’t even do that because he forgot that previous City Councils have settled, at least twice, from my research rather than allow A/26 to be adjudicated before the courts.

The Guyton Settlement was one and there was another consent decree over low income housing as well.

And not that I want the City to be sued but I kinda hope that ACT, AAPS, and/or Fake Ass Dems will sue the City to try to get a judge to proclaim that A/26 IS legal and is not pre-empted by State Law. I mean, if they love it so much and want to protect it then this is the logical next step.

Also, interestingly enough, there were a few commenters last night who wanted to wait until the new City Council was seated for the City Council to take a vote on the Housing Element. The one major change would just be a swapsies of John Knox White for, it’s looking more and more likely, Tracy Jensen. The calculus was, I guess, was that Tracy Jensen might be amenable to voting against approving the Housing Element. Or maybe it was to give ACT/AAPS/FAD enough time to pull together a lawsuit, who even knows.

The funniest part of the evening was when one speaker got so upset at Andrew Thomas that he, essentially, called on the City Council to fire him and spoke about how Andrew Thomas and John Knox White get together to “practice” making faces. I mean, it was pretty late at the time, but, you know, you don’t have to speak at a City Council meeting. It’s literally not required.


  1. OMG – John Knox White gets together with City staff and they practice making faces! We need the Grand Jury to investigate!!
    What are the rules of a recall – can I just write up ‘Recall John KnoX White from City Council’ on a sheet of paper and start having people sign it?
    We can’t have this guy on the Council in 2023!!!

    Comment by Ron Mooney — November 16, 2022 @ 7:06 am

  2. Hip hip hoooorayyyyy …
    Seems as though it went according to script, which should be no surprise to those following along.

    Thanks to you Lauren and the other posters on #alamtg for the updates … watched some ‘live’, kept updated while walking the pup, and finally called it a night @ 10:15.
    I did appreciate the NASA updates too!

    We are so going to miss JKW on the council. Luckily Tracy is an smart person who reads the information and follows along. I expect she will keep the Council having 3 adults in the room.

    It is sad though, with the very recent election, one would have thought that it might have gotten a bit less theatrical. But of course Tony can say – look I’m the top vote getter so I can triple down on my hard swing to the preserve Alameda of the 50s view. And Trish .. well she has no ability at this point to do anything except to try to do ‘gotcha’ points. And the famous ‘what else could this money be spent on …’ questions. (Anyone remember her asking what else book money could be spent on while on school board?)

    2024 looks like it will be an interesting election year!

    Comment by Ron Mooney — November 16, 2022 @ 7:20 am

  3. With great solemnity, I appreciate Alameda’s city council for literally doing the only viable thing they could. The screeching freakshow of ACT/ABA/AAPS followers was in fine form last night, but it was all as usual just noise. The next council can now be conservative and decline to make changes.

    Comment by Done deal — November 16, 2022 @ 7:24 am

  4. RIP Article 26. Measure Z won, two years later.

    This is what happens when adults are informed and make responsible decisions. Very sad that Paul Foreman’s ACT couldn’t rein in some pretty awful behaviors we saw last night.

    Comment by JRB — November 16, 2022 @ 7:30 am

  5. As much as I am happy at the demise of A 26, I am even happier that it also marks the loss of any remaining relevance or integrity that AAPS/ACT/ABA has. The have now become that derange speaker you see at every public hearing that has volumes of documents (with lots of pictures of course) but never really makes any coherent points.

    Comment by notadave — November 16, 2022 @ 8:03 am

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