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November 14, 2022

Stay the course

Filed under: Alameda — Lauren Do @ 6:04 am

In advance of tomorrow night’s meeting I just wanted to point out a few things because this will be the first meeting post election and, honestly, given math there is very little chance of there being much movement in either the Mayor’s race or City Council race that will effect the outcome.

As Trish Spencer attempts to keep hope alive that she can, somehow, out perform her current performance to bridge the gap between her and Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft, it’s looking less and less likely. To be honest I thought the race was going to be much, much closer and a small part of me, because of the way that Alamedans voted on Measure Z, I thought there was enough of a mean and reactionary streak in Alameda that would catapult Trish Spencer to victory.

But the important part to take away from this election is not that Trish Spencer did tragically bad for a sitting City Councilperson, former Mayor, and former School Board member, it’s that Trish Spencer lost while running away from the direction the current City Council has been taking the City in.

Trish Spencer spoke about the horrible state Alameda is currently in and that she would be an agent of change:

Voters did not buy her message that the City needed to go in another direction and that is notable and key. To contrast, Tony Daysog who skated to easy victory on Tuesday night, did not go in that direction even though “change” is found in his messaging. He noted that he would be “responsive” to the “changing needs” of the City, which, is cagey in a way that is uniquely Tony Daysog. While Tony Daysog will assuredly frame this to his supporters and Trish Spencer supporters that this means he thinks the City is going in the wrong direction as Trish Spencer said plainly, but others who don’t know Tony Daysog’s record can read this as that him progressing with the ever changing demographic of the city.

If you notice he touts his qualifications around work that the City Council majority paved the way for, even though he either gave lukewarm support, didn’t vote for, or later caveated his support for. Rather than run away from the current direction of the Council majority he embraced it even when he voted “no” or abstained on issues that are fundamental to the understanding of what this current Council majority has done.

So, as you see organizations trot out their anemic petitions and rattle on about the “will of the people,” we literally have a snapshot in time of what direction “the people” want to go in. It’s to continue the work of the current Council.


  1. And yet Tracy Jensen won with a “Alameda is on the wrong track” message. Excerpt from her candidate statement:

    Statement: A recent survey of Alameda residents showed that most people think Alameda is moving in the wrong direction. Alameda leaders are not effective. I am the only candidate for City Council with experience at all levels of government and I am the leader that can move Alameda forward.

    I’ll hazard a guess that it was Trish’s erratic persona that sank her, not the message. Tracy won with a similar message plus a much more stable image.

    Comment by dave — November 14, 2022 @ 6:50 am

    • Well…in some ways, she is right. Trish Spencer is not an effective leader. Tony Daysog is not an effective leader. Kevin Kennedy and Kevin Kearney are both not effective leaders. These are people we have re-elected again and again and have very little to show from their leadership.

      There is something fundamentally broken about who we elect and the dynamics of the people we elect that makes our city government dysfunctional as evidenced in the rotating City Manager game. The fact that the majority can keep it together to do, sometimes, amazing things is because of the leaders who are there, who make it happen in spite of the chaos agents. We’re losing one, one is termed out in two years.

      But 24% of people saying that the City is on the wrong track is not “most people” by a long shot. A bit of puffery is always expected during a campaign.

      Comment by Lauren Do — November 14, 2022 @ 8:41 am

      • These seems to be an assumption here that those who think Alameda is on the wrong track are all pro-Trish/Daysog. People who think Alameda is on the wrong track, regardless of whether the number is more or lass than 24%, can include those who think Alameda is not sufficiently progressive.

        How is that possible? Many of those on the left are as bonkers as any right-wing election denier. I subscribe to The Washington Post and see the comments to articles daily – it’s a dumpster fire. Today’s comments to the new 0.5% Amazon staff reduction has blistering comments about Bezos who, ironically, has kept liberal WaPo alive. Examples, “In related news, Jeff Bezos’s house still has 25 bathrooms…And he needs all of them because he’s so full of excrement…His yacht too, probably…With each passing day more and more fascist billionaires are out to force a recession…Modern slavery…The rich couldn’t stand Biden’s strong job numbers, so they’ll engineer their recession one way or another!..Wages were rising. Working conditions improving. What to do, what to do?-gin up a phony recession…etc. etc. etc.

        Comment by Bonkers on both ends — November 14, 2022 @ 10:16 am

        • Ballot harvesting doomed Trish and all candidates running against the establishment in California and other states. It’s that simple. For the same reason, few candidates bother to debate. It’s not necessary to persuade anymore only to get union and public employee support for ballot harvesting organizations. And just in case the wrong person gets a lot of votes the vote count will be delayed and extended until the “right” number of votes are found.

          examples in California, Nevada, Arizona, and Washington where “they are still counting.”

          Comment by Still Counting — November 14, 2022 @ 11:26 am

        • Seriously, get off the internet. Touch some grass.

          Comment by Lauren Do — November 14, 2022 @ 11:38 am

        • Ballot harvesting doomed Trish? Lmao. She lost by 3,000 votes. Ashcraft won with a whopping 50% more votes. No amount of ballot harvesting could do that. The sea of Trish signs totally backfired. They reminded people that there’s an election going on and this crazy lady wants to be mayor again, which fueled turnout. And landlords planting all those Trish signs on their properties probably pissed off the renters, and man did those renters fucking show up.

          Comment by JRB — November 14, 2022 @ 7:06 pm

  2. Please explain what you think ballot harvesting is

    Comment by Please — November 14, 2022 @ 2:56 pm

  3. I’m surprised at the surprise. Tracy Jensen was the logical choice after Daysog. Jim will never be free of the city manager fiasco. Hannah has no city creds. Paul was against moving on most city issues, even the voting process. Tracy is an Alamedan, has been on boards and commissions, knows the various subjects the city is dealing with, was not dumb enough to blatantly take sides yet. She was the safe bet. If Hannah had come up the line, city creds, thus known, I think she could have had a chance.

    Comment by Li_ — November 14, 2022 @ 3:21 pm

  4. Interesting as while there will be change in the City Council race with Daysog and Jensen being elected, Hannah Groce has moved past Paul B into third place and Paul B is now behind even Jim Oddie.

    Comment by Mike McMahon — November 14, 2022 @ 4:45 pm

    • I called that. Progressive votes always come late, and Paul B’s margin was razor-thin to begin with. He was going to sink like a rock.

      Comment by JRB — November 14, 2022 @ 7:07 pm

  5. If Hannah Groce spends the next two years gaining visbility in city issues she would have an excellent chance of replacing Malia Vella in 2024.

    Comment by Mike McMahon — November 14, 2022 @ 4:57 pm

    • Agree. Any seat on Planning Bd coming up?

      Comment by Li_ — November 14, 2022 @ 5:32 pm

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