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October 4, 2022


Filed under: Alameda — Lauren Do @ 6:08 am

Not content to just have laughably bad grammatical errors and nouns who verb, Stewart Chen is actually showing off the side we all know about him and another than we did not.

The side we did know was that the man really does not do a good job of understanding the political role in which he aspires. He does an okay job of pretending as though he does but he’s not as forthcoming as, say, a Paul B who outright told us that he’s learning on the campaign trail and, if elected, will use the dais as a cramming time. What we did not know is that Stewart Chen is not above a little “us vs them” type of campaigning to try and differentiate himself from his opponents.

John Knox White goes on to list the all of the AAPI folks who were members of the AC Transit Board in a direct contradiction to Stewart Chen’s incorrect factoid that he threw in to muddy the waters. If we think the best of Stewart Chen then his lack of knowledge about those that came before him is concerning. If we think the worst of Stewart Chen then his erasure of those who came before him in his naked ambition to be elected is gross and cynical.

But then there was this which everyone should be tweeting back to JKW, “say more” because this sounds ominous:

The bit about the Stewart Chen campaign saying that his opponent, Sarah Syed, is not “one of us” has echos of the dirty politics that’s happening between two AAPI candidates in Orange County with Stewart Chen playing the the role of Michelle Steel in this local drama.

That people have heard this, seen this, or noticed it but are too reluctant or too afraid to speak out is concerning but one that, I guess, we have to chalk up to politics but people really should call out bullshit like this.


  1. You seem politically naive. So you’re saying Mia Bonta is supporting the least qualified candidate and tacitly condones Stewart Chen’s ignorance and “naked ambition?” Are you sure it’s not a payoff for not running against her? That’s why the Bontas used all that Indian casino money to support Treva Reid, running for Oakland Mayor.

    And it’s doubtful that your column gets any traction in the Chinese-American community, who from the list of Stewart Chen endorsements, know the difference between Japanese- Americans, Korean-Americans, and Chinese Americans (unlike JKW) and find it hard to see a half-Pakistani candidate as Asian, regardless of US census definitions.

    Too bad progressives have made everything about race instead of ability.

    Comment by Real Observer — October 4, 2022 @ 9:09 am

    • Was your comment supposed to make any sense at all?

      Comment by Lauren Do — October 4, 2022 @ 9:20 am

  2. So erasing history in order to to self promote is terrible, eh? So sayeth St. John…

    That must be why he erased his personal blog, filled with his wit & wisdom, before he ran for council. Must also be why he deleted his next door account, in which he made a fool of himself on numerous occasions.

    Comment by Come for the self awareness, stay for the hypocrisy — October 4, 2022 @ 10:09 am

    • JKW was spitting facts on Nextdoor by often citing police data, but they often went against the prevailing paranoia narrative. Nextdoor is a toxic cesspool, and it is sort of a last resort Parlor-type platform for those too old to use Facebook or exiled from there. Serious people do not waste their time with Nextdoor, so good for JKW to not bother giving them an audience.

      Comment by Observer — October 4, 2022 @ 3:42 pm

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