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September 21, 2022

Running total

Filed under: Alameda — Lauren Do @ 6:01 am

A few more over $1000 contributions reported since my last post on this. Bill Pai who was running but then pulled out gave $1000 to Trish Spencer’s campaign so now — for the next time he runs — we know exactly what sort of policies he would be aligned with: obstruction for the sake of obstruction. And certainly not someone who wants to make an “impact” on Alameda unless that impact is just to slow everything to a halt. Bottom line is with this contribution we know that Bill Pai is as extreme as Trish Spencer. Given Trish Spencer’s anti-business rhetoric against some of Alameda’s largest employers I’ll be surprised if the Chamber (who he did his leadership training through) will consider him the next time around.

The only two groups who received contributions so large they necessitated a special report to be filed: the Firefighters union and a Better Alameda:


  1. Bill Pai’s comment on Nextdoor: “You do realize the City Council wants a rubber-stamp City Manager, correct? Then-City Manager Jill Keimach found that out in 2017.”

    Comment by Bill Pain — September 21, 2022 @ 7:12 am

  2. Bill Pai contribution: Chinese-American homeowners flexing their political muscle to halt unreasoned development lowering property values, as well as reacting to increases in crime and congestion due to progressive policies.

    Lauren: he’s an “extreme” “ obstructionist” who should be kicked out of the Chamber of Commerce!

    Most people have grown tired of the name calling and threats. Let’s talk issues.

    Comment by Mirror — September 21, 2022 @ 10:45 am

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