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June 16, 2022

Red flags, part 4

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I’ll be the first to admit that I have a lot of difficulty seeing blueprint plans and figuring out how they resemble the final built product but even I, as bad as I am, could see the connection between the final built product against the blueprint plans for the maritime school. Given that the argument is that the exterior design of the remaining (aka extant) buildings is what is considered important and notable here, I’ve pulled out the blueprints for the largest four buildings which are still on the site: the Engineering building, Barracks, Boathouse, and Infirmary. The Boathouse and Infirmary are on East Bay State parks land, Barracks and Engineering are the Wellness Center ones.

Let’s start with the most recognizable building, the Boathouse, there will always be two images for each blueprint: the plans themselves and the information block in the right hand corner. I’ll follow up with other posts about the other plans because all the images will makes these posts too long.

To compare to what was built per the images found in the nomination itself:

The modern day image was found here but was apparently provided to the site owner by the application’s nominating party.

But as you can see, even though the building is still very striking, it’s been modified quite a bit from the original design. In the last comparison photo you can see that lean to like structure was built later and the railing was changed from “cotton rope & wood posts” (to mimic a ship I’m guessing) to your standard wood railing.

Then there is the front view comparison:

The most obvious difference is the removal of the railing on the top of the building and it, appears, that those little roof top buildings, excluding the mast, have also been removed. The shingles between the top level of windows and the Botton round windows have either been replaced or painted because the old black and white photos appears to show that the shingle color should be the same.

This is the most different building left standing in this area and even this one has been heavily modified from its original design. The original design that is, of course, drawn and designed by Coast Guard Engineers in Washington, DC as evidenced by the stamp and memo block information.

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