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May 18, 2022


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Someone requested text messages between City Staff and others regarding the McKay nomination and, I suppose, they thought that it would reveal some real evil genius behind the scenes machinations that they could point to and say “aha! there are the villains.” But, instead we have a real interesting look into what representatives at AAPS was saying to the City as the McKay nomination was looming and the City was looking around going, “wtf is happening here?”

On Twitter I just posted the grey bubble from City Staff to the Mayor but someone’s sock puppet chimed in and said I had neglected to post the Mayor’s response which meant…something? I mean, the response really only left two really bad characterizations of AAPS at that point. Either (1) they were gullible dupes who allowed themselves to be used or (2) they’re deceptive liars. None of these options reflect well on AAPS:

Shortly after these records were uploaded to the portal, AAPS decided a little damage control was in order (but really not for them) and announced that they had uploaded their support of Carmen Reid’s nomination to their website:

The three interesting takeaways from this letter are on the second page:

First, AAPS clarifies that the applicant is Carmen Reid and not AAPS. This letter was sent and, ostensibly, read by SHPO/SHRC staff but this tidbit raised no red flags from SHPO/SHRC staff who credited the application to AAPS alone and was, probably, the main reason they cribbed so liberally from the nomination and questioned nothing.

Second, there is a claim that there are blueprints that were found at the Alameda Museum. I have asked for a copy of these but the Alameda Museum has said they have been sent away for scanning. I have asked for the scanned filed when it is done but, one would think, that before sending away for scanning the Alameda Museum would have snapped photographs in the case that the documents are damaged or waylaid but I was not offered these photos even though I said that photos would be acceptable. If you notice though, even the AAPS letter does not claim that Harry Bruno was the architect on the project only a “supervising architect.” There are suggestions that revisions have his “influence” but nothing in this narrative directly attributes the revision to him precisely. If true though it would be like an editor who gives corrections to an author to therefore claim that the book has been written by the editor because they revised the original text. Anyway, I’ll post the blueprints when and if I get them and you all can judge.

Finally, the letter was signed by the Vice President and she is one of two VPs to AAPS and not the president of AAPS, Karen Lithgow. That is notable because, up until this point, AAPS letters have been signed nearly exclusively by Chris Buckley or the AAPS president. Never the VP. That something was done out of the norm may signal a bit of discord within the AAPS organization when paired with the insistence from the AAPS rep to City Staff that AAPS was “duped” by Carmen Reid. It may be that a NIMBY set has taken over leadership positions in AAPS under the guise of preservation and using the built up reputation of AAPS to flog their NIMBY positions.


  1. Some members within AAPS working hard to retroactively make it look like they’ve endorsed Carmen Reid all long, to try and keep her out of legal trouble. Is the Department of Justice looking into this? Fraudulent application is still fraudulent application.

    Comment by NIMBY Going Too Far — May 18, 2022 @ 7:46 am

  2. And in a matter of weeks destroyed the credibility that so many spent so many years building. So much easier to hate and destroy. Smh. I’d be upset, personally.

    Comment by Gaylon — May 18, 2022 @ 9:29 am

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