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January 20, 2022

Not playing

Filed under: Alameda — Lauren Do @ 6:00 am

An addition to the HCD is not playing around files, Beverly Hills is the latest jurisdiction which HCD has reviewed its Housing Element, laughed heartily, and said, “yeah, no.”

I thought the part about the “unrealistically high ADU production forecast” and “lack of commitment to constraint removal” was particularly relevant to Alameda since we’ve had folks saying that we’re underestimating our ADU capacity and well…Measure Z anyone?

What I learned in the letter is that even if a city meets their submittal deadline, if it’s reviewed and comes up lacking the city only has 120 days from the statutory deadline to adopt a compliant housing element. That means that cities that don’t take this process seriously and say dumb things like let’s zone for housing on Neptune Park or the Main Street Linear Park and don’t have adults in the room to put the kibosh on that ridiculousness may have mere days to remedy their housing element.

In light of the pressure that keeps building from HCD and how we see they are dealing with scofflaw cities like some Alamedans want Alameda to be I wonder how Tony Daysog is justifying himself to his sponsors on Bay Farm for his “keep vacant site vacant and upzone all other residential” move from Tuesday night. It definitely was A strategy. Not a good one but one.

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