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January 19, 2022

Getting to yes

Filed under: Alameda — Lauren Do @ 6:19 am

Amazingly enough Encinal Terminals is moving forward. There were four votes to move the project forward even though the project was looking grim from the start. After the presentation, clarifying questions, and public comment (all in support of moving the project forward) there was a quick motion by Councilmember John Knox White to approve the project with a second by Vice Mayor Malia Vella:

You might be raising your eyebrow at the “negotiating in good faith” quote but that’s exactly what she said. The Mayor was also curious about this but it was clarified that Trish Spencer had outlined to staff what her concerns were and where her sticking points were and then staff went to the developer to see if there was any movement on their part in order to bring Trish Spencer to a yes vote.

And here’s where Trish Spencer’s aversion to email and putting anything in writing does both her and the City in general a disservice. After hours of discussion and back and forth it where Trish Spencer read out her verbal list of roadblocks to voting yes on the project. Most of these were clarifications which could be easily incorporated the only one issue was the fact that Trish Spencer wanted more units to be reserved for for-sale rather than for rent. Apparently the developer had agreed to, during the “good faith negotiations” with Trish Spencer:

But Trish Spencer didn’t fully understand that and therefore she was a “no support” right out of the gate. Tony Daysog decided to run with this opposition because he had NO OTHER GOOD REASON LAST NIGHT and constantly couched his opposition referencing Trish Spencer and her concerns by name as staff attempted to address her concerns in real time. In fact Tony Daysog last “concern” was that the project didn’t go far enough to provide for sale workforce housing opportunities even as many of his colleagues reminded him that if the project did not get any votes last night the whole discussion of “not enough” would be largely academic because no units would get built let alone allow the City Council to be troubled by too few for sale workforce housing units.

Here’s how Malia Vella framed it which should have been a sobering thought to Tony Daysog but he seemed to not understand the gravity of the situation and was, instead, trying to read the Trish Spencer tea leaves to align his vote with hers which was pathetically obvious throughout the Council discussion:

I’ll point out that representatives from both the Harbor Bay’s HOAs and AAPS showed up to push for approval of this project in order to relieve the pressure to up zone their residential neighborhood backyards.

In the roll call vote, Tony Daysog was called first and voted “no.” Trish Spencer voted after and voted “yes” which was a shocking turnaround because even though all of her concerns had been addressed and incorporated into the motion, that had never stopped her in the past from still voting no on a motion which had made similar concessions.

Of course this is only the first reading so a lot could change from now until the next City Council meeting. We’ll see how that goes but as it stands now Tony Daysog is on record as wanting to up zone legacy residential neighborhoods in Alameda with his no vote against this project because there literally are no other options to meet the RHNA allocation.


  1. Tony Daysog is an embarrassing example of impotent leadership.

    And yes, it is on the record – Tony Daysog wants to upzone existing neighborhoods and keep vacant land vacant.

    Comment by NIMBYs Gonna NIMBY — January 19, 2022 @ 7:00 am

  2. This should have been a layup, handled quickly by a competent group of electeds who understand the reality of a Housing Element and won’t be distracted. Instead it was an exercise in slowing the work of the council. Who benefits? Not Tony, that much is certain.

    Comment by Gaylon Parsons — January 19, 2022 @ 7:32 am

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