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November 15, 2021

Go ask Alice

Filed under: Alameda — Lauren Do @ 4:05 am

After the death of Wilma Chan there became the messy business of needing to fill her seat. Word is that the Board of Supervisors are looking to Wilma Chan’s staff to fill that vacated seat but, given the presence of Wilma Chan as the ONLY woman and the only person of Asian descent on that Board it would seem as though giving the role to a white male would be a rebuke to the legacy of a trailblazer such as Wilma Chan. I couldn’t, and won’t even try, to put it better than the Asian Pacific American Democratic Caucus of Alameda County:

And the most natural fit, even though there are lots of other amazing options, would be Alice Lai-Bitker who once held that seat herself.


  1. Identity politics much? This is how the country ended up with the gaffe prone and unelectable Harris with the 28% approval rating. The lead story on CNN is an attack on Harris, who claims Biden did a lot more to defend Buttigieg when attacked for his 2 month paternity leave during the port gridlock than when the press attacks Harris for her dysfunction over the two major issues assigned to her- migration and voting rights. The reason? He’s white and
    she’s not.

    Newsom appoints Padilla when Harris left, then Bonta for Padilla. Neither was a what for what on race or gender. Each was trumpeted as “the first.” For the school board vacancy, an African-American was appointed for Bonta. Facts: more Hispanics vote than Asians in Alameda County and represent the majority in Oakland. Kinda confusing, right?

    I know it’s too much to ask, but how about we appoint the best person for the job or should we just go with something new since it’s Transgender Awareness Week?

    Comment by Through the Looking Glass — November 15, 2021 @ 8:25 am

    • Except for the fact that Dr. Dailey was the most qualified for the position, held the position before, and represents a subsection of students and families who are consistency marginalized in Alameda.

      Same with Alice Lai Bitker, she’s ready on day one as she has held the position previously and the District we’re speaking of is slightly different demographically than the whole of Alameda County.

      But, whatever,grind whatever CRT ax you have instead of recognizing that the person being supported by groups like the APA Caucus IS the most qualified.

      Comment by Lauren Do — November 15, 2021 @ 8:39 am

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