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October 14, 2021

You’ve been busy Alameda

Filed under: Alameda — Lauren Do @ 6:04 am

I periodically check in on the new PRA tracking site but, honestly, haven’t been for a long time because many of the requests were sort of boring and looking specifically geared to very individual issues. But yesterday former OGC Commissioner Rasheed Shabazz tweeted this:

Which means someone has been busy using the PRA system for their own personal “research.” Don’t get me wrong, I think I might have done a request like this in the past but it was more like “hey, can I get a copy of whatever this person PRAed?”

So I wanted to see what other strange requests, or super specific requests which seem awfully targeted, might have flown through the PRA system.

There was this one involving lobbyists, the Community Development Director, and the Executive Director of Building Futures. So this is someone focusing their attention on something involving homelessness and/or housing.

There was a post on Alameda Peeps a while back which was subsequently removed about the lack of “warning” from the City that there was construction in the Big Whites area and that the unit was slated to used by a non profit resettling refugees. The writer was concerned that neighbors were not notified of the use (refugees) and/or the construction noise, the post was later removed by the original poster because, apparently, they felt “attacked” by people pointing out that for normal construction there doesn’t need to be much pomp and circumstance and formally notifying neighbors as long as construction is not done during quiet hours and certainly there’s nothing which says that the City must notify neighbors if a family moving in next door is has below market rate income. This request made me think of that thread:

Then there’s this one referencing a specific individual whose name sounds vaguely familiar but is not a City staff person or an appointed Board or Commissioner.

This question comes up periodically when people are super mad at a specific commissioner or board member and really wants them gone and trying to figure out some loop hole to get rid of them or request their removal. The answer is here and is good to note for future reference.


  1. This post is timely. I recently discovered that Open Government Commissioner Carmen Reid, perhaps the same individual filing most of the other PRAs you’re referencing in your post, has also filed tons of PRA requests specifically for a private property I own. 46 pages of PRA requests, just for one property. She then went on Nextdoor to try and spin a rumor using conjectures and selective facts to heavily imply that I’m illegally benefiting from renting out this property, which is false and borders on libel. So an appointed officer for the city is abusing city resources by engaging in Nixonian tactics of trawling for imaginary dirt on individuals and organizations she dislikes. Altogether, 26 PRAs have been submitted by 1 individual alone in recent months, mostly for digging dirt on individuals instead of any kind of government accountability. This is incredibly inappropriate for someone who’s supposed to represent the Open Government Commission. I hope the city is looking into whether or not Codes of Conduct are being violated, an oath all officers must take before serving.

    Comment by JRB — October 14, 2021 @ 6:58 am

  2. Just sitting here waiting for Apple Strudel or whatever the fuck she’s calling herself today to come to her own defense while pretending to be someone else, or for Paul Foreman to explain why this behavior is OK.

    Comment by Rod — October 14, 2021 @ 1:06 pm

  3. “Coincidentally,” i requested my own emails on October 5–to make them public.

    Dropbox link provided by City Clerk. Enjoy, anonymous requester, and let know if you find anything good.

    Comment by FKA Commissioner Shabazz — October 15, 2021 @ 2:27 am

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