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June 23, 2021

Affordable housing cost per unit

Filed under: Alameda — Lauren Do @ 6:03 am

That Housing Authority proposal is really the gift that keeps on giving because not only will it force Alameda’s NIMBY chorus into a corner and force them to support the project or tell on themselves but also because it has budgets for the last few affordable housing projects developed in Alameda. This is something that has been quite painful to find sometimes and so this will be my placeholder for future discussions about housing and how affordable housing gets built and funded.

First up, Littlejohn Commons, aka that building near the old Del Monte building. It’s senior housing only and there are 31 units. The budget to build:

Cost per unit at Littlejohn Commons: $640,264.

Next, Everett Commons aka that Wedge building which was referenced in the LA Times story about roadblocks to building affordable housing and how costly it is. Family housing, 20 units. The budget:

Cost per unit at Everett Commons: $946,784

Rosefield Village, aka it’s near Taco Bell is a rehabilitation project of existing to new units. Family housing, 78 new construction units. The budget:

Cost per unit at Rosefield Village: $999,525

I did the calculations on that last one twice because I nearly fainted when I saw the per unit cost. So, folks who want to just do the all affordable housing costs I hope you all are working on a housing bond or something similar because our RHNA allocation for very low and low income units is 2239 units. Even if we were to average out the per unit cost for all three of those developments the average per unit cost is $862,191. Which means we would need a measly $1.9 billion to build all-affordable, non-market rate attached projects to meet our RHNA numbers.

I won’t hold my breath that the “affordable housing only” crowd will be clamoring to make this happen.

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