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May 4, 2021

“Multiple reasons”

Filed under: Alameda — Lauren Do @ 6:04 am

Sometimes when I see Trish Spencer in action today as a Councilmember it’s feels surreal to remember that she once was Mayor. Because she doesn’t really act like she has any idea of how City government works or how Council meetings are run. I mean, I know it’s been twoish years since she’s been off of Council but it really hasn’t changed that dramatically. Specifically I’m referring to yet another Council Referral she has on the agenda (there are two) about wanting to schedule the City Manager performance evaluation like now. Here’s the whole narrative for the referral:

Schedule Performance Evaluation of City Manager ASAP, including consider scheduling a Special City Council meeting for this purpose.

As this is a personnel matter, I will not specifically delineate the reasons therefor here, however, there are multiple reasons.

For anyone who has watched or paid attention to City Council meetings you may know that performance evaluations — barring scenarios like not having a City Manager — typically happen around this time through the summer.

Given that Trish Spencer has been with this City Manager for all of four months it seems odd that she’s suddenly requesting a performance evaluation only a few weeks before the normal evaluation would be held. Remember Trish Spencer was off Council when Eric Levitt was hired and certainly Trish Spencer time as the Mayor was not marked by consistency when it came to retaining a City Manager.

Seriously the reform of the Referral process cannot come soon enough. Like if Trish Spencer knew that an evaluation is closing in quickly then what is the point of this Referral other than being completely performative? She had to have asked first about when the evaluation was coming, this seems like something a rational adult would do. But I suppose this is Trish Spencer we’re talking about here so maybe she didn’t do what rational people would do.

So it’s either (1) Trish Spencer did not email asking anyone when this performance evaluation was going to happen and instead decided to go the time consuming Council Referral process instead which, frankly, seems like a huge waste of time for staff, the Council, and the public.


(2) Trish Spencer did email, does know the date and decided that she wanted to do the Council Referral anyway because she wants to waste the time of staff, Council, and the public.

All because she has “multiple reasons” that she has somehow accrued in less than four month of working the the man largely remotely.

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  1. It is all ‘grandstanding’. Look I said I wanted to review the City Manager. No logic can ever be expected.

    Comment by Ron Mooney — May 5, 2021 @ 9:31 am

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