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April 30, 2021

Nature vs nuture

Filed under: Alameda — Lauren Do @ 6:00 am

One of the truly bizarre piece of information to be released from the City press releases was the information that a civilian City employee is under investigation along with the three sworn police officers.

The name sounded super familiar from the time that I was reviewing staffing spreadsheets and it turns out that the civilian employee was on again, off again with the City fairly regularly:

The larger question around the involvement of this civilian (who someone had wondered early on if he was simply a passerby who felt the need to intervene to help the police) employee is what is it about the APD culture (or maybe it’s cop culture in general) that a non-trained employee would take it upon him/herself to intervene physically. This is a problem that, given how long the civilian employee has been with the City of Alameda, that it doesn’t appear that APD has the ability or inclination to change.

Since we’re on the topic of employees just want to remind the folks calling for the firing of the police chief or some adjacent accountability call that the guy that’s there now is simply an interim placeholder. He’s only been around a few months. He is not where the problem with APD lies. APD has a deep rooted history and legacy of issues that are outlined in this history of Alameda and its police department here if you want to know how far back Alameda has been weaponizing its police department against anyone who is viewed as “other.” The problems with APD date further back than some dude who is just minding the store for a little bit.

Oh Alameda should be getting a new police chief soon-ish. The previous police chief retired around this time last year so I imagine that a search should be winding down. I can’t imagine that it would take more than a year to hire a police chief but maybe now Alameda might not be where a police chief wants to necessarily be.

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