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April 6, 2021

If you had to choose

Filed under: Alameda — Lauren Do @ 6:06 am

Here’s a fun thing for #alamtg heads. Competing Zoom meetings. Tonight there is a City Council meeting and a School Board Meeting.

We should see Tony Daysog and Trish Spencer vote, again, against giving frontline grocery store workers hazard pay as the ordinance has its final reading. There’s a proposal to bring back a Youth Commission of sorts and review of the homelessness strategic plan. There’s also the three Trish Spencer Referrals which should give the Council an opportunity to discuss the released since yesterday “Training Bulletin” from the Alameda Police Department which is a step in the sort of right direction on how to have some guidelines around what the public information person should be posting on the social media pages.

It feels like a lot is missing from this Training Bulletin but it does have some good things like “Booking photos of those who have been arrested will not be posted. Booking photos may only to be used in cases of searching for a missing individual, sex crimes suspect, or wanted suspects, when there is a compelling public safety reason for doing so.” But it feels like the whole thing was done a bit piecemeal, addressing concerns which have arisen and trying to address just those as opposed to taking the time to really understand what the purpose of the social media communications are actually trying to accomplish rather than to simple be a propaganda arm for the police department.

And finally in Referrals which could have been an email, Trish Spencer and the question of gas powered leaf blowers. Which is a weird question to state in a referral because the question could have been asked at the March 2 meeting during the Climate Action and Resiliency Plan update which discussed the City’s effort on this very thing:

Trish Spencer voted “no” on approving the staff recommendation. She was the sole “no” vote which should surprise nobody.

Competing with the City Council is the School Board which will deal with the hot button issues of in-person schooling and plans for next school year. The dial didn’t really move that much this the school year and additional polling of families as to why they didn’t want to return but it turns out that, much like in most things, the loudest voices are often times not always tapped into the pulse of the sentiment of folks who don’t go to school board meetings to talk about how aggrieved they are. USC has been tracking the same set of folks since February to gauge their feels on a host of issues around COVID. One of the issues is in person schooling. Based on the very confident posturing it would seem like it’s a minority of folks who are concerned about sending their kids in person. Turns out, in California at least, it’s the majority of folks.

This is just the California sample:

Only 22 Title 1 elementary student have agreed to head back to in person learning since the last School Board meeting. 884 elements students are still opting to stay at home.

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