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March 26, 2021

Attorney General attention

Filed under: Alameda — Lauren Do @ 6:06 am

By now everyone should have already heard the news that Assemblymember Rob Bonta has been appointed (pending approval by the legislature which should be a gimme) to the vacant Attorney General seat.

And, naturally, like everyone who has ever taken a photo with Rob Bonta has practically fallen over themselves to get those photos up on social media as a marker of “I knew him way back when!” You newbies won’t remember but one of Rob Bonta’s first political forays in Alameda was to run for the Hospital Board. So Hospital Board members: dream big. Dream big ya’ll.

Anyway, this appointment is really a huge upside for the AAPI community, we really need someone who will focus on the trauma and issues that have been facing the community recently. It’s also a good thing for the Bay Area because all the last few appointments have been from Southern California.

But locally the real fun comes in the form of “who will fill Rob Bonta’s Assembly seat”? This will need to be a special election and there was already a member of Oakland’s Ethics Commission who had already announced her intention prior to the Rob Bonta to AG news: Janani Ramachandran. But after the Rob Bonta news we had one local candidate to toss her hat in the ring:

The video is good, there’s just one key thing missing….

Babies! The video could have been improved with a cameo by Malia Vella’s kids who are absolute troopers on City Council nights.

The interesting thing about the Malia Vella announcement is that — if she were to win — we’d get another vacancy on the City Council which would be appointed by the remaining City Council folks. Given the two – two ideological split that, by far, would be the most interesting thing to watch in this whole domino effect of politics.

You know what’s fun though, if for some reason Alameda decides not to certify its Housing Element it would be Rob Bonta’s officer who would sue Alameda.

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  1. It’ll be interesting to see who council nominates. Aimee Barnes and Xiomara Cisneros would be incredible and smart choices, to help usher in new blood – the next generation of local leaders. Amos White and Jeff Cambra are obvious long-time Alameda household names, but maybe Alameda is overdue for fresh new faces.

    Comment by Reality — March 26, 2021 @ 9:56 am

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