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March 2, 2021

Money for compliance

Filed under: Alameda — Lauren Do @ 6:02 am

This is on the consent calendar but I wanted to just point out that this project would not be able to apply for state grant funding if Alameda’s Housing Element were not certified since that topic is one that we’ll be revisiting very often. For anyone that has been to Sweeny Park you’ll know that it’s not finished yet. That’s because there’s no funding to bring this project to completion. According to the staff report, they think this project would be the most likely to be funded since it’s serving a lot of purposes, from the staff report it would include:

  • a community garden with plots for Alameda residents;
  • free plots for Alameda Food Bank constituents, to address food insecurity in our community;
  • large plots for faith organizations and others to provide food for those in need; and
  • opportunities for educational workshops on garden related topics. 

Again, we wouldn’t even be able to contemplate finishing this section of the park by applying for this grant funding if our Housing Element were out of compliance.

This is important given the efforts of some City Councilmembers to undermine state housing laws starting with this referral item which has been floating on the agenda since January. Rather than be properly informed by staff (both State staff and City staff) about the seriousness of the State around the Housing Element certification, Tony Daysog doubled down with an updated presentation for his how to downzone South Shore and Harbor Bay Shopping Center referral item. Because, I guess, rather than him needing to understand what the state is looking for in order for Alameda to remain in compliance for this next cycle, he thought it was simply a lack of imagination on the part of everyone else for failing to understand his brilliance in trying to weasel around the state laws.

Who knows if the City Council will even get to the referrals tonight anyway, I missed that there is also the State of the City address too which shouldn’t have much back and forth but will definitely eat some time.

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