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February 19, 2021

Cycles of change

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Since we’re on the subject of Housing Elements I want to share three videos. The first is from the San Francisco Planning Department on the Housing Element process coming up. It’s short and I think really distills what all cities will need to be doing around this effort not just San Francisco. As I pointed out yesterday affirmatively furthering fair housing is really baked into this upcoming cycle and it’s important for Alameda to be aware that this is a state mandate and not some feel good gimmick:

The second video is from 2012 when we were, finally, taking the steps necessary to get our Housing Element certified. It speaks to Alameda historic resistance to doing anything around this state mandated process. Probably because the goal of the Housing Element is for cities to identify the gaps in housing needs and actually do something to address it. Something that Alamedans didn’t think was an important task for many many years and probably some Alamedans still believe to today. This is Rev. Michael Yoshii reflecting on why it’s taken so long and the rhetoric from the public who came to excoriate the City Council for pushing this through “so fast.”

And finally this is from a meeting in February when the representative from the Housing and Community Development department — after answering a question from Tony Daysog — asked if he wanted more information about the new requirement was given a “no thank you” from an elected official who will be tasked with making policy around this issue.

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