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September 15, 2020

Little things mean a lot

Filed under: Alameda — Lauren Do @ 6:05 am

File this one under either (1) incompetence or (2) deliberate misrepresentation. On City Council candidate Amos White’s website he’s hyping an endorsement from former City Council candidate Jennifer Roloff and now a sitting Disability Commissioner. For some reason he has her endorsement listed under “elected officials” which she’s not. An elected official that is. Unless they made the Commission on Disability an elected office.

But the best/worst thing was this blurb from Amos White’s email asking for money and touting his most recent support:

Now in my scoffing over these two endorsements, particularly the one from Jennifer Roloff’s whose should be remember during her candidacy for her answer to the question of how do we confront the issue of police brutality toward Black people and what should we do with the APD’s military equipment was to say this:

It’s very relevant to what is going on today in neighboring cities. I think we’re fortunate enough not to have an exacerbated similar situation, but I think that we do absolutely need to partner with our neighboring communities to make sure that we’re cognizant of the risks that could come to the city and being prepared for such issues.

I don’t think that Alamedans have to feel the protection of police yet but what’s going on out there I think that we need to start being prepared. We should work with out public safety to get better prepared for what could happen.

As to the equipment that is out there I do know that we have Navy equipment that we can rely on and Alameda does have some of its own equipment and I do know we end up loaning it out to other nearby cities, but I think we should work with those nearby cities so that we can capitalize on the equipment that they have to have as much preparedness as possible.

Which would seem to be in direct contradiction to Amos White’s stance at the beginning of the summer around defunding the police. A position which he has seemingly backed very far away from on his campaign website.

But what I didn’t remember when musing over this and was reminded by another twitter user was: Jennifer Roloff didn’t run in 2018, she ran in 2016. I mean…

This is someone whose endorsement you are touting, I think you should probably get the date right as to when they ran for City Council.

Plus, I’m not sure why it is impressive to have people who lost a run for City Council endorse you. Doesn’t that mean that the majority of people didn’t want those two to be seated on the City Council and therefore if your politics align with the two people who endorsed you then you might be a bad choice for all those people who did not vote for either of those two candidates?


  1. OMG. The above Little Things are making my crystal ball go crazy: “…also, won’t read City Charter; will violate same and cause $1M+ hit to City Treas….Warning. Warning”

    Comment by MP — September 15, 2020 @ 6:39 am

  2. I hear George Dukakis, and that person that placed 3rd in Dancing With The Stars, is asking for an Amos lawn sign. Well, they didn’t really ask, he just put one up on their lawn.

    Comment by notadave — September 15, 2020 @ 7:23 am

  3. I’m aware of at least 3 instances where the Amos campaign placed their lawn sign on people’s yards without their permission. It’s a literal astroturf campaign.

    Comment by JRB — September 15, 2020 @ 8:10 am

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