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March 25, 2020

People who need people

Filed under: Alameda — Lauren Do @ 6:05 am

I am a self-described introvert and even I’m feeling the effects of the isolation from people.  I guess it’s because even when I must go grocery shopping (an anxiety laden experience) I’m weaving in and out of aisles to maintain the 6 ft distance from other shoppers.  Since the real lock down, I’ve only been to the market once at opening (not on a senior only day) and it was uncomfortably busy.

While I think that most will become accustomed and really good at using video conferencing products like Zoom, the lack of human contact will not necessarily be a good thing for our community.  People will want to get and out and see other human beings.  So for those that are predicting that telecommuting will become the new normal, I think what this period of sheltering-in-place will actually do is show us that we can’t conduct all of our lives through a screen and think that is enough.  We’ll need that human contact of shaking hands and feeling the presence of more than just the family members we’re self-isolating with.  And for people who are self-isolating alone, the need will be even greater for those human connections.

SFist has a daily update of the number of COVID-19 cases by county, I wish they had a graph but oh well.  While we haven’t had that many tests (the Chronicle has a list of places to get tested) the big takeaway is that our hospitals are not yet overwhelmed and apparently Elon Musk has helped bring in a supply of ventilators to the state.   The fact that you can only get a test if you are showing symptoms maybe means that there’s not a huge flood of people feeling symptoms to then trigger a test.

Personally we are taking our temperatures daily (not with one of those smart thermometers which are revealing really interesting data across the US and makes me wish everyone had one) and I’m sniffing a lot of make sure that I haven’t lost my sense of smell.  By the end of this we’re all going to be psychosomatic.



  1. 135 cases in Alameda County and one or two in Alameda City…

    Time to plug the tubes and raise the bridges.

    Comment by Jack — March 25, 2020 @ 8:05 am

  2. Just took my daily walk in Marina Village area. Everyone moved 6′ away when passing. It was very reassuring that the folks I came across are all being careful. Before the stay at home decree, my perception of time was that it was speeding up — now, it’s slowed down considerably. I guess the physics of uncertainly changes the perception of time.

    Comment by Serena T Chen — March 25, 2020 @ 11:14 am

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