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January 10, 2020

Wide vacant spaces

Filed under: Alameda — Lauren Do @ 6:00 am

The Governor has a new order asking state agencies to identify vacant land to help house the ever growing homeless population.   From Mercury News:

The order, which comes amid a surge in homelessness throughout the state and growing concern about the issue from residents, will require state agencies to identify by the end of this month empty lots near highways, fairgrounds, decommissioned hospitals and other spaces where cities, counties or nonprofits can provide space for people to live temporarily.

In the order, Newsom said the state also would distribute 100 travel trailers and modular tents to local partners, who will receive help from state crisis response teams if they agree to provide counseling and help transition people into permanent housing.

There is a map of the proposed sites, but there are none in Alameda.  Because I’m sure you were wondering.  The closest State identified site, so far, is in San Lorenzo.  The Department of General Services has until the end of this month to create a full list, but off the top of my head I can’t think of any vacant state owned property in Alameda.  Maybe that parcel next to to Posey Tube entrance or the spaces underneath the flyover near Webster?



  1. Hey how about that raised bike lane opposite College of Alameda? (Sarc)

    Have you seen video of the Sonoma trail where 210 people now live in squalid conditions while polluting the once pristine creek? The supervisors voted $11.5 million to house them or provide trailer hookups. A critic observed that spending $11 M on 200 will have little overall effect on homelessness in the county.

    California now has 68.9 % of all the homeless in the nation- over 90,000. Is it possible our policies on homelessness, immigration, drugs, and mental health are actually attracting more homeless while failing to solve the underlying issues of alcoholism, drug addiction and mental health? There’s been a 25% spike over the last three years, and experts expect a jump of 10% more this year.

    Face it, homelessness is now an industry, with experts, sociologists, epidemiologists, and psychologists employed by ever expanding armies of bureaucrats, and homeless advocates all seeking money for various studies and solutions, which seem to have had little effect on homelessness as the war on poverty did on decreasing poverty or the war on drugs has had in reducing drug use.

    Sadly, I don’t see the governor’s plan having much effect either.

    Comment by Nowyouknow — January 10, 2020 @ 1:44 pm

  2. What is the area under 880 at high st going to be used for? Looks like it was painted for parking recently.

    Comment by michonnekatana — January 11, 2020 @ 12:17 am

    • It’s an MTC regional Park and Ride lot. It’s unclear what system this is serving.

      Comment by John Knox White — January 11, 2020 @ 9:55 am

  3. I give money to Glide in SF who feed the homeless, house them, have job training, and do much more. I don’t give them a lot because I don’t work but I give them $50 a month. I know that the money I give 90% will most likely help them and if I give it to the state $5 or $10 will go to help them. I worked full time and put myself through college and I not saying they need to do that but they need to make a little effort also. I would like to give more money but we pay $20,000 in property taxes and a huge tax bill. If you give money to a church make sure where it is going. I went to Life Center with 4,000 people in Tacoma and they all lived in mansions, Casey Treats church gave him probably 4 or 5 mansions, Peoples church was broke but also had 4,000 people and had an outreach program, I also went to Central Baptist with 300 people and I don’t think they helped anyone I give money to Glide because I know it goes to people.

    Comment by joelsf — January 11, 2020 @ 10:31 pm

    • we need far more “joelsf”‘s, and far fewer “knowyouknows” the world would be a better place.

      Comment by trumpisnotmypresident — January 12, 2020 @ 10:16 am

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