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November 18, 2019

Secret visit

Filed under: Alameda — Lauren Do @ 6:08 am

Did anyone know that Karen Pence was in Alameda on Thursday?   Yeah, it was very quiet and very unpublicized.

From a Eureka, CA station:

The Second Lady of the United States addressed spouses at Coast Guard Island in Alameda, Thursday.

Karen Pence addressed more than 150 Coast Guard spouses, service members and their families to highlight the important contributions military spouses make to the Coast Guard’s readiness and strength.

I guess visits into the Bay Area are straight low key for this administration. It’s a good way to avoid public protestations.


  1. Maybe not such a bad thing – for all – that it was low key; video of protests of the VP’s wife making a simple visit to the CG base might have been a gift to the “base”

    Comment by MP — November 18, 2019 @ 7:26 am

    • Video of the homeless camp out front would have been same.

      Comment by dave — November 18, 2019 @ 7:47 am

  2. I thought Mike Pence just made up “Mother” (yes, that’s what he calls her) like a Canadian girlfriend, to tamp down rumors.

    Comment by Jack Mingo — November 18, 2019 @ 7:49 am

  3. I look forward to Mike Pence’s 9 or 10 month presidency. It will be an interesting historical exercise, lots of compare/contrast with Jerry Ford.

    Comment by dave — November 18, 2019 @ 8:05 am

    • How’s that going to happen?

      Comment by Jack — November 18, 2019 @ 11:26 am

      • Hopefully, because Trump will step down or be forced out by impeachment.

        Comment by joelsf — November 18, 2019 @ 7:30 pm

  4. I saw wonderful coverage, including photos, released by the Coast Guard PIO – the event centered around the spouses of the members, and their difficulties with occupational licensing across States. Each State requiring a license to practice common trades – like cutting hair – prevent many military members’ spouses from working.

    You know, those nice families who live on the other side of Stargell and their kids go to school with yours? Nice of the Second Lady to be thinking of them, and their concerns for supporting their families in this region.

    Your beliefs are based on the media you follow – obviously this wasn’t something your media choices elected to cover, maybe because there wasn’t any protesters like her husband experienced at Moffet during the same time.

    Comment by Bart — November 18, 2019 @ 9:27 am

    • So you, like me, saw the coverage after the fact. Not before.

      Therefore, the event was un-publicized beforehand to avoid protesters who may have taken issue with the politics of Mrs. Pence for things like, oh, I don’t know maybe working at a school which explicitly bans LGBT employees and students. And her increased role in the re-election campaign of the increasingly problematic Donald Trump.

      Comment by Lauren Do — November 18, 2019 @ 10:12 am

      • Announced in advance? It was a private party for spouses and members of the USCG, you weren’t invited – but you can be damn sure the Coast Guard was prepared for her coming.

        Semper Paratus.

        Comment by Bart — November 18, 2019 @ 5:36 pm

    • I don’t have much nice to say about Mrs. Pence’s husband (or his boss) but there’s nothing at all wrong with her visit and showing some support to CG families is of course a positive good.

      But did the PIO disseminate to local media in advance? Was there any official public announcement of her visit before she showed up at the base? If the media are not aware of something they cannot cover it, regardless of bias or other feelings. This *appears* to have been done very quietly, if not with actual capital-S Secrecy. I can’t blame Mrs. Pence for wanting to keep it quiet, I probably would too if I was in her position, but it’s perfectly fair to ask why something so innocuous was kept under wraps.

      Comment by dave — November 18, 2019 @ 10:15 am

    • An evangelical Christian and a Mom whose son is in the Marines visits Coast Guard families. Perhaps if she had a son kicked out of the Navy for cocaine use and making big bucks from corrupt Ukraine companies it would be better. I wonder if people will protest when Kanye West, another evangelical Christian, visits Alameda in his presidential campaign in 2024?

      Comment by Nowyouknow — November 18, 2019 @ 4:48 pm

      • You hit that one out of the park, Nyk…

        Comment by Jack — November 18, 2019 @ 5:00 pm

  5. Her visit was mentioned on NPR the morning of. I was surprised it had not been mentioned before. But it seems they did want to keep it low key.

    Comment by sarah — November 18, 2019 @ 11:19 am

  6. Of course it was all over Peep’s before it happened.

    Comment by frank — November 18, 2019 @ 12:58 pm

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