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November 8, 2019

National Horror Story: maybe we’ll be okay

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  1. This may be premature. There is only 5,000 votes separating them, and Bevins will contest, I think, The examination of the votes will take place next week, and if Bevins loses that, he can appeal to the legislature. In Kentucky, their Senate and House decides a contested vote, and both houses are solidly Republican.

    Comment by abronto4900 — November 8, 2019 @ 7:26 am

  2. The most encouraging sign from yesterday’s results was that voter turnout is trending upward. In Virginia, voter turnout percentage were than the previous 40 years. Kentucky show 13% increase in voter eligible participation. Ultimately, next year’s results will hinge on the voter turnout in suburban areas of swing states.

    Comment by Mike McMahon — November 8, 2019 @ 8:02 am

  3. Wait, I thought the Dem pundits were counting on secret impeachment hearings, Russia!, Ukraine! , emoluments clause, Stormy Daniels, Michael Cohen, and the 25th Amendment? Now it’s an actual election?

    A third party Kentucky libertarian candidate got 28,000 votes. The Rep. Gov. is behind by 5,000, and may challenge due to ballot harvesting. The Republicans, who won all the other state offices, made a tactical mistake in not appeasing the libs.

    Much more interesting is former NYC Mayor and billionaire Michael Bloomberg and even Eric Holder testing the waters for a presidential run which suggests Biden is finished, Mayor Pete, Klobuchar and Harris cannot appeal to middle America, and a growing recognition that “Medicare for All” is mathematically impossible, and that the socialist views of Bernie and Warren cannot beat President Trump in a national election.

    Word is Hillary had all the current Ukraine dirt on Biden which is why he didn’t run against her in the 2015-16 primaries. Don’t count her out as a dark horse at the convention.

    Comment by Nowyouknow — November 8, 2019 @ 8:58 am

    • A lot of words that essentially amount to nothing. What is your point? Politics is messy and fluid, it’s easy to cherry-pick events to create your own narrative, but empirically everything is definitely swinging to the left in this country. Dems are winning actual elections, and Dems are also holding people accountable – it’s not either/or, they are taking care of everything at the moment.

      “If conservatives become convinced that they can not win democratically, they will not abandon conservatism. The will reject democracy.” -David Frum

      Comment by JRB — November 8, 2019 @ 9:51 am

    • What’s wrong with winning elections and prosecuting fraudsters who undermine democracy? Democrats have done this before, during and after the Nixon administration. Republicans have never had the opportunity to convict Democrats of anti-democratic activity, because Democrats don’t cheat. The number of indicted and convicted Trump henchmen continues to rise. If it’s a witch hunt, they’re finding a lot of them.

      Comment by Larry Witte — November 12, 2019 @ 3:27 pm

  4. “..“Medicare for All” is mathematically impossible..” Like what we have now is mathematically possible? Tens of millions uninsured, even more underinsured while the super-rich continue their class warfare campaign to wipe out the middle and lower classes and take all the wealth for themselves. All while spending more than any other nation on the planet for worse outcomes. OK, then..

    Comment by Spanky McDoogle (@SpankyMcDoogle) — November 8, 2019 @ 9:06 am

    • Exactly. The current healthcare model only works when you assume that allowing 8% of all people to be uninsured is perfectly acceptable. When you extend coverage to them, of course total cost will go up – but average premium per person should go down because more people can seek preventive care instead of costly emergency room visits.

      Comment by JRB — November 8, 2019 @ 10:14 am

  5. Bevin concedes.

    Comment by dave — November 14, 2019 @ 11:30 am

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