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October 3, 2019

Insert awkward grimace face gif here

Filed under: Alameda — Lauren Do @ 6:03 am

On Tuesday night after having a relatively benign set of comments before the City Council went into closed session on the subject of the Carnegie library for some reason supporters decided to pull speakers slips for the non-agenda public comment portion of the evening to talk about: the Carnegie Library.

Typically this is frowned upon since the lease was on the agenda, the Closed Session agenda and there was already time for public comments on that agenda.  But Mayor Ezzy Ashcraft was amendable to allowing the public comments to go forward and after the first comment about the Innovation Hall, she asked the City Attorney if he wanted to make a remark.

This is what the City Attorney said:

Given that the contract negotiations are on-going and they are confidential contract negotiations between the City and a particular party that may be leasing space with the City and engaging in construction at all, that conversation is intended to be private and that’s why the City Council met in closed session to consider the various proposal that are put forth by one of the persons who are selected to develop this property and I think it is the City’s hope, indeed it is the City’s expectation that contract negotiations between the City and real property developers remain private until a contract is signed.

Yeah, so maybe running around telling everyone about what’s in the contract negotiations isn’t the best strategy.

And even after this admonishment from the City Attorney the additional speakers just kept talking about the contract as though he never said anything.  Incredible.

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  1. (1) 5:30 can be early for those working “9-5”, especially if contending with off-island traffic/transit; (2) proclamations are good, fine and well, but maybe try x1.5 speed on them; (3) councilmembers can cut down on the riffing. Maybe the computer can award a prize to the councilmember who makes their points most economically and using the least amount of the shot clock each meeting; (4) thanks to the city attorney for the reminder that contract negotiations be kept confidential – I think we have some contrary precedent

    Comment by MP — October 3, 2019 @ 6:54 am

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