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September 30, 2019

Wine for wine

Filed under: Alameda — Lauren Do @ 6:00 am

How long has it been since the Alameda Wine Co shut down?  Feels like that space has been empty for a while but according to tomorrow’s agenda there’s a new wine shop in town.

Apparently two different tenants were interested in the space.  But only Park Street Wine  Cellars agreed to the City’s counteroffer.  I don’t know if this is normal in the retail leasing world but both prospective tenants asked for six months rent credit.

Hopefully the relationship with this tenant should be much less dramatic than the last tenant.

It’s not clear if it’s just a retail shop or if it will be in the same model of the previous tenant but it sounds like maybe just sales from the Facebook postings.  There’s also a static website here with information about the new owners.

It will take four votes to approve the lease.

Did you know that when the City was initially looking for tenants for the space Powderface, the beignet shop in Oakland, was the first tenants considered but somehow those negotiations fell through?  Had those negotiations been successful I imagine there would have been a lot of powdered sugar dust all over that theater.


  1. Seems redundant. There are so many things we don’t have here.

    Comment by Dj — September 30, 2019 @ 6:26 am

    • Please provide some examples of things that we don’t have here that you would like to see. But personally, I’m more than ready to see that little space have a business again.

      Comment by RP — September 30, 2019 @ 9:30 am

      • Good ethnic restaurants, ethnic grocers, clothing, Clinique cosmetics, and all the other things that get me to get in my car and leave the island.

        Comment by Dj — October 1, 2019 @ 5:35 am

        • They have some good ethnic restaurants and grocers (corner of Lincoln) on Webster Street. I don’t know if a Clinique cosmetics shop would pull in enough business here. I don’t know but they may sell Clinique at Kohls. Now they are building on the Base so Alameda can support some new stores. A 4 or 5 story building is about ready for siding, the new Cross Alameda trail from Main to Webster is supposed to open this month although it doesn’t look like it will yet. Things happen in Alameda it just takes forever.

          Comment by joelsf — October 3, 2019 @ 12:13 pm

  2. Being able to get beignets without crossing a bridge would have been tres bon!

    Comment by Rod — September 30, 2019 @ 9:18 am

    • Hey, I want Cannolis. I might go to the show if I could get a glass of wine and some cannolis or beignets.

      Comment by trumpisnotmypresident — September 30, 2019 @ 12:48 pm

      • Leave the gun. Take the cannolis.

        Comment by Rod — September 30, 2019 @ 2:33 pm

    • I am not sure if they have a kitchen there that they could make the beignets? That is if Cinema Grill is unwilling to share.

      Comment by Kevis Brownson — October 1, 2019 @ 7:40 am

      • All you need is a deep fryer!

        Comment by Rod — October 1, 2019 @ 10:33 am

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