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June 17, 2019

Balance of power

Filed under: Alameda — Lauren Do @ 6:07 am

Interestingly enough it looks like even though only one Planning Board member announced that he was not returning, both incumbents have no intention of reapplying.   On tomorrow’s City Council agenda, the list of applicants for the two open seats is (surprisingly) short and does not include the current Board President whose seat is up this month.

Perhaps the current Board President is simply tired of the Planning Board and ready to move on to other projects.  Or perhaps the current Board President is worried that she wouldn’t be reappointed and so, in order to save face, decided to not throw her hat in the ring and bow out gracefully.  Considering that she was appointed in the first place by a Mayor who wanted to shape the Planning Board in her image and ignored the precedent set by previous Mayors to reappoint Planning Board members who had served only one term and were interested in returning this Planning Board member’s term was pretty fraught from the start.

Plus it didn’t help that she would nitpick over plant selections, call them inappropriate for Alameda’s climate and soil, and then be told by staff that the selections came from a pre-approved list from the City of Alameda.  That was always hilarious but also concerning given that it’s the responsibility of board members — any board members — to have some knowledge of what they’re critiquing.

This set of Planning Board picks will be a great was of balancing out the definitive conservative streak that exists on the Planning Board right now.

Other items of interest includes the application of a current RRAC member to the Planning Board, Rec and Park Commission, and Public Art Commission.  I’ll note that the RRAC has been having difficulty with the attendance of some of its members and that has been subject of discussion at — at least — two of the meetings I’ve listened to.  Not that it makes any difference to tenants because the two members who have been absent most of the time have been the landlord representatives and its not as though this RRAC — even the tenant reps — have been that favorable to tenants in general.

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  1. Was that “was” supposed to be ‘war’ in your next to the last para?

    Comment by Jack — June 17, 2019 @ 9:07 am

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