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June 5, 2019

Safety for all

Filed under: Alameda — Lauren Do @ 6:05 am

And in a timely post from CityLab — given our focus on street safety improvements — protected bike lanes make driving and bicycling safer!

[A]ccording to a comprehensive new study published in the Journal of Transport and Health. Researchers at the University of Colorado, Denver and the University of New Mexico found that protected and separated bike lanes are strongly linked to lower fatality and injury rates not only for people on bikes, but for people in cars.

“If you’re going out of your way to make your city safe for a broader range of cyclists … we’re finding that it ends up being a safer city for everyone,” Wesley Marshall, a University of Colorado Denver engineering professor and a co-author of the paper, told Streetsblog.

[T]he most important safety factor was right on the pavement. Separate and protected bikes lanes were the strongest indicator of lower fatality and injury rates. Where cycle tracks were most abundant on a citywide basis, fatal crash rates dropped by 44 percent compared to the average city, and injury rates were halved. While cyclists benefited from having painted bike lanes as well as fully separated bike lanes in terms of safety, what paid off the most for all road users—drivers included—were protected lanes fortified with stanchions, planters, and the like.

But this, regarding shadows,  we also knew even though this is an “easy fix” for a lot of municpalities:

And by the way, those shared-lane markings, also known as “sharrows,” were just as useless as ever. Marshall’s previous research suggests they might even do harm: “You’re better off doing nothing,” he told Streetsblog. “It gives people a false sense of security that’s a bike lane.”

I think most people would agree that we want the roads to be safer for everyone.  So let’s not try to half ass our street improvements by putting in the least we can do.

Oh, if anyone was interested in the worst intersections in Alameda, I added graphics of other intersections listed in the comments from yesterday’s post.


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  1. Unbanked please so we tricyclics can use them too.

    Comment by Dj — June 7, 2019 @ 5:59 am

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