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February 4, 2019

Hello neighbor

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This is the next bit of Alameda Point slated for development:

Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 5.16.03 AM

West Midway which will cozy right up next to the Reshap: the consolidated APC, Building Futures, and formerly homeless veterans project.   The City Council last year released an RFP for developers for the site, according to the staff report, the City received lots of interest but consolidated it down to four development teams.   On Tuesday night there will be a sort of dog and pony show at the City Council meeting (starting at 5:00 PM) but it doesn’t look like there will be any pretty renderings or anything like that.  Maybe vision boards or something.

And, of course, other than Reshap, this West Midway site will be the closest project site to my actual home, which I can spot on the map rigggghhhhtt there.

Naturally the finalists are all known quantities in Alameda.  Quite a few have history in Alameda and/or active projects.

The finalists are:

  • Alameda Point Partners, you’ll know them from such projects as: Site A and a bunch of stuff on Harbor Bay
  • Brookfield Residential, they do a lot of suburban type developments, closest Bay Area examples are Dublin and Oakley
  • Catellus, you’ll know them from such projects as Alameda Landing and Bayport
  • Jamestown, you’ll know them from such projects as South Shore revitalization

So the interesting thing about these choices is two of the four already have big West End projects till underway: APP and Catellus so selecting either of the two will be a bit of a putting your eggs in one basket sort of deal.

Jamestown really hasn’t done a large scale project in Alameda other than new facades in South Shore.

And Brookfield, well, their Bay Area projects are nothing to get overly excited about.

But perhaps the dog and pony show will reveal something more exciting about the projects that these teams have envisioned.

However just based on the summary in the staff report about the potential site project the one I like the best is Jamestown.  Maybe because they’re proposing a 150 unit assisted living and memory care facility in addition to the 291 allowed residential units and the commercial space appears to be focused on smaller office space rather than large scale campus users.  Plus some of their previous projects are super interesting like Chelsea Market in New York.


  1. Each developer has its unique strengths in what they bring to the table. Alameda Point Partners and Jamestown have the superior vision in my opinion, but Alameda Point Partners and Catellus have the strong master developer experience.

    Alameda Point Partners have struggled making a profit in the first phase of development at the Point — perhaps because of all the community benefits they committed to ($10M Seaplane Lagoon Ferry payment, and the $4M Sports Complex payment). But in my opinion, their project at Alameda Point is a model project, and giving them another phase in Alameda Point would reward them for being the model project and allow them to become profitable – so they are my first choice.

    Jamestown is my second choice because of their vision, and what they’ve accomplished at South Shore. They have a great track record for good urban design and developing great projects, and it would be exciting to have them at Alameda Point. They’re also good in attracting great capital partners, but my concern is — do they have the experience to take on such a large backbone infrastructure project?

    Catellus is my third choice because they have strong master developer experience. I worked for Catellus for 8 years in the Construction Department as a Senior Project Accountant working under the VP of Development. Catellus’s strength is their implementation skills. They have a great track record for constructing large backbone infrastructure projects — but my concern is can they design and develop an urban project? I was hoping for a more urban design and project at Alameda Landing but we got a more suburban design.

    Our City Council has a very difficult choice, but we are fortunate that we have such great developers to choose from.

    Comment by Karen — February 4, 2019 @ 8:40 am

  2. Going through Exhibit 4 of the staff report is an amazing catalog of how systematically beneficial it can be to be white and male.

    Comment by BMac — February 4, 2019 @ 11:45 am

  3. Not a fan of Catellus. Look at what they did to Alameda Landing waterfront parcel. They did not deliver on their promise after selling off a chunk of that parcel to Bayship.
    Now Catellus is asking for $800,000 to build a service road connecting Mitchell to the unfinished Estuary Park parking lot. Hoping the city will not extend contract with Catellus after expiration in a few more years.

    Comment by Toto — February 11, 2019 @ 11:37 am

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