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February 12, 2018

Dead and gone

Filed under: Alameda — Lauren Do @ 6:02 am

In case you were worried that the Cowan project to move the Harbor Bay Club to the business park might somehow get resurrected since a new plan seems to crop up every few years, it looks like a non-business related use is not in the works any longer.  So long as the Planning Board doesn’t muck it up.  Joe Ernst is, again, saving the day and proposing a series of commercial buildings on that site.

From the staff report:

The five buildings total 187,100 square feet and range in size from 29,400 square feet to 47,000 square feet. All five buildings are located along the street frontage at the setback line and are a uniform 29 feet eleven inches in height including a parapet to screen mechanical equipment. The ground floor area totals 161,900 square feet and there is a partial second story on each building totaling 25,200 square feet. The second floors constitute less than 14 percent of total floor area.

Also on the Planning Board agenda is a revision to the Alameda Point affordable housing development, essentially because of high labor costs (due to shortages) and the change in the tax credit there have been construction delay issues.  If Eden — the affordable housing developer — doesn’t start construction by a date certain, it could put some of the secured funding in jeopardy.  Therefore it’s up to this Planning Board to approve the staff level determination that the changes were minimal enough to not require a full blown hearing.  So we’ll see how this particular Planning Board values actually building affordable housing or if they will insist on a full hearing to delay the project.

And finally the public hearing for the Alameda Marina EIR, as a reminder this is the scope of the project:

The draft Master Plan is currently under review by the City. It proposes:

• Improvements to the approximately 4,009 lineal feet of existing deteriorated shoreline breakwaters, bulkheads, and piers.
• Improvements to the existing 530-berth marina which consists of 17.10 acres of water.
• Development of approximately 7.98 acres of uplands property for maritime commercial space for up to 250,000 square feet of maritime commercial uses.
• Development of and/or improvement to approximately 4.25 acres of shoreline public open space.
• Up to 760 residential units, including 103 deed-restricted affordable units.

This is a project that will have lots of public opposition with everything and the kitchen sink thrown at it in order to tank it.  Bottom line is that there probably is no money to actually perform any meaningful and much needed rehabilitation of the infrastructure if the status quo is maintained.  This may not be that friendly of a Planning Board for future approvals, but this is just the public hearing for the EIR so we’ll be hearing a lot from the public.

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