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November 13, 2017

The North Housing remembers

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Planning Board has two interesting things on the agenda tonight.

Oh before I forget, Trish Spencer did indeed nominate the quickly added candidate to the Planning Board list: Sylvia Gibson.  Despite there being a number of extremely qualified candidates on the existing list, Trish Spencer is bound to keep the drama going by soliciting her friends and like minded allies to fill the seat regardless of qualification, interest, or understanding of what the role does.


First item is the rezoning of the North Housing parcel.   Here’s a post I wrote a long time ago about the disposal of the North Housing parcel plus a map.  After the public benefit conveyance was complete — including delivery of the park parcel to the City which is going to have a grand opening soonish — the Federal government auctioned off the other half to a private developer.   This private developer: Carmel Partners is actually going to rehabilitate the existing units.

The reason why the City is looking to rezone the parcel now is to hedge its bets in the case that Carmel Partners completes its rehabilitation of the units before the 2020 Housing Element is due.  Remember, the City will be allocated a new set of RHNA numbers and right now that particular site is capped at 435 units.  The number of units Carmel Partners is projecting it will rehabilitate is 146 which will leave only 285 units for the non market rate housing side.  Of course the non market rate housing is currently projected under that number, but since that side will not be developed by 2020, lifting the cap will allow the City to declare that site as being able to accommodate more units and better fulfill the RHNA requirements without necessitating rezoning other parcels in order to be in compliance.

Plus, the artificial cap could be viewed as downzoning of the site which would be in conflict with newly passed housing related legislation. And the new owners have already said that if the City does retain the housing cap then the non affordable housing side should be allocated 315 units as that is what is declared in the 2009 reuse plan.

I have a feeling this whole thing will be confusing to some of the members of the Planning Board.

The next agenda item is holding a public hearing regarding the zoning for cannabis related businesses .  It is fairly complicated and complex and most people won’t really care unless a business is sited near their home or something like that.  The big things are these are the types of businesses that will be allowed in the specified number:

  • Up to two (2) retail dispensaries within the City limits. The dispensaries would be limited to sale of medicinal cannabis. Under the Council’s proposal, on-site consumption would be allowed in the two medicinal dispensaries, the dispensaries would be allowed to provide delivery services, and the two dispensaries would need to be at least one mile apart.
  • Up to four (4) commercial manufacturing companies that use cannabis as an ingredient in a product manufactured on the site.
  • Up to two (2) commercial cannabis testing laboratories, where cannabis would be tested, as required by State law.
  • Up to one (1) commercial nursery for the production of clones, immature plants, seeds, etc.


Right now there is still no provision for non medicinal use retail sales.  In case you were wondering.

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