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October 23, 2017

Plan for the plan

Filed under: Alameda — Lauren Do @ 6:03 am

The one big item on the Planning Board agenda tonight is the Draft Work Scope for the Climate Action Plan. It is exciting to see that the City is moving beyond just recycling and actually discussing how the way we build (or have not built) affects our climate future as well, for example, from the draft work scope under implementing strategies:

Evaluate impact of citywide 21 unit per acre residential density limit (City Charter Section 26-3) and prohibition on multifamily housing (City Charter Section 26-1) on City’s ability to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

But the planning around this document and eventual “plan” is still its nascent stages and feels a long ways off.

Speaking of the Planning Board though, as part of last Tuesday’s City Council meeting, the City Council voted to move forward with requiring two City Council members to Call for Review decisions made by the Planning Board, Historic Advisory Board, and Public Art Commission.

And finally, also at that City Council meeting, the Mayor did not have enough votes for her most recent nomination to the Planning Board to be appointed.  She did not offer a nomination of the remaining interested candidates on the list on Tuesday night which means that we should expect to see another name added to the list if Trish Spencer’s slow growth supporters can find someone to put their name in the ring.

Who’s left on the list: incumbent Planning Board member, licensed civil engineer in construction industry, former assistant city manager and community development director for large South Bay city, former member of HAB with MBA and military experience, an Alameda County senior program manager in design and construction, attorney with housing and land use experience, and at least two housing activists in Alameda.  These are the people that Trish Spencer has, thus far, passed over time and time again.

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