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September 6, 2017

JAG off

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So the first real test for Alameda’s Sanctuary City resolution has come up and the City is not backing down when faced with the possible loss of federal funding.  From yesterday’s press release:

Earlier this year, Alameda’s City Council adopted a resolution affirming the City of Alameda’s commitment as a Sanctuary City to the values of dignity, inclusivity, and respect for all individuals, regardless of ethnic or national origin, gender, race, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, or immigration status. This resolution reaffirmed the stand the City has taken for many years against biased, racist, and unconstitutional acts against undocumented immigrants.

In order for the City of Alameda to apply for the Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) from the U.S. Department of Justice (USDOJ), a new procedure was established that requires the City Manager to certify that the City does not restrict sending or receiving information regarding citizenship or immigration status.

Because this new requirement does not meet the intent of the Alameda City Council’s Sanctuary City Resolution, neither the City Manager nor the City Attorney, with concurrence from the Police Chief, agreed to sign the document. The City provides public safety for all, regardless of immigration status. Without a signed Certification of Compliance, the Alameda Police Department will not be able to accept an award from the USDOJ.

The City of Alameda was the first City in Alameda County that did not agree to sign the Certification of Compliance from the USDOJ. If pending lawsuits from the State of California and City of San Francisco prove successful, the City of Alameda may be able to receive these grant funds in the future.

The City of Alameda’s annual budget for services such as police, fire, parks, roads, and sidewalks is $249 million. Each year, millions of our budget dollars come from grant funding. For the last ten years, one source of the City’s grant funding has been the JAG grant, with awards ranging from $32,139 in 2007 to $12,352 in 2016. This year, Alameda’s JAG funding was estimated to be $11,537.

For those that were wondering the vote was unanimous, but there were only four members of the City Council present.  Mayor Trish Spencer had to leave before the vote was cast so we’ll never know how she would have voted on the topic unless the subject comes up in open session and she says something like “I would have voted for this” or “I would not have voted for this.”

So far it seems like the City Councilmembers who have spoken up about this seem fairly unfazed by the threat of the loss of this particular grant.   And, as noted by Steven Tavares of East Bay Citizen, the document the city was expected to submit to the Federal government to receive the grant was not signed by the City Manager nor the City Attorney which was validated by the Police Chief which may make him the most progressive Alameda County police chief.

Anyway, now with the recent DACA announcement, it’s even more important that this community and it’s elected officials and leaders affirms their commitment to everyone in this community; regardless of immigration status.


  1. If any city flips for 11k, they are pretty much, um, cheap you know whats.

    Comment by Retiredteacher — September 6, 2017 @ 6:38 am

    • You’re right. Let’s just rely on funding laundered through the County, who won’t flip for $10 M in Urban Shield federal funding.

      Comment by Alan — September 6, 2017 @ 2:25 pm

  2. “…affirms their commitment” What commitment? That’s like inviting all the tent people camped out all-over the town into your home and when they get to the front door you say sorry, you can’t stay here, I have no bedroom for you but if I did you’d be welcome.

    Comment by jack — September 6, 2017 @ 7:54 am

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