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September 5, 2017

Action reactionaries

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The City Council is back.  Tonight. Fairly packed agenda but the only thing I’m going to write about is.  Yes, that’s right: the Planning Board nominations.   When last we left off Trish Spencer was indignant that the other City Council members simply refused to rubber stamp her nominees.  She fought hard-ish for her two nominees, but after they were voted down, she had ready and waiting, two new names for nomination.

Which makes one — and by “one” I mean me — wonder if the first two names were meant to be the trial balloon and the nominees she really wants are the two that are up for consideration now: Patricia Lamborn and Alan Teague.  Alan Teague recently wrote a letter against the renters’ M1 ballot measure.  I believe he’s also very closely affiliated with the Alameda Architectural Preservation Society, so you can kind of, sort of guess the direction that his votes probably would lean.

Patricia Lamborn is a more complex choice because her real development related advocacy has come around her opposition to the proposed hotel on Harbor Bay.  A note, in her letter to the City Council touting her qualities she writes that the BCDC “turned down” the building permit which would appear to mean that a majority of the BCDC members voted against.  Which is not the case.  In actuality a majority (11 of the 19) members voted for the hotel, but the threshold is 13 votes.  But anyway.

Her opposition would appear, on its face, to be around the appropriateness of the building for the site, but if you scratch the surface a bit both Patricia Lamborn and her partner worked (or currently work for) UNITE HERE which is the labor union for hospitality workers, including hotel workers.  Which makes the opposition to the hotel on Harbor Bay a bit more muddy and brings up those pesky conflict of interest questions which hounded Mike Henneberry during his time on the Planning Board when use permits for Target and Safeway were on deck.

The real test for both these candidates is, as brought up by Laura Thomas as a concern with two of Trish Spencer’s current Planning Board appointments, will they cast votes based on their guts or what they are obligated to do based on the information provided and based on what has already been approved via the General Plan and Housing Element.  If they are unable, like two of Trish Spencer’s appointees, then the other City Council members must pass on these nominations until Trish Spencer sees fit to nominate someone who will not simply do her bidding on the Planning Board and create yet another horrible layer of bureaucracy because Trish Spencer is looking for mini-me reactionaries to create development gridlock.


  1. That he wrote a letter critical of Measure M1 put Mr. Teague in with a supermajority of 2/3 of the electorate. His remark in the letter in favor of Measure L1 also placed him within the majority of Alameda voters along with, presumably, Councilmembers Oddie and Ashcraft, who signed the official ballot statement in support of Measure L1. The main topic of his letter, moreover, was to address a technical, legal issue about which he was correct, i.e. that, by its own terms, M1 would have created a conflict with a state law. Perhaps the conflict with state law was so obvious that, had M1 prevailed, we could have expected that no reasonable person or Board acting in good faith would have caused the City to incur legal fees by attempting to enforce M1 as written and without regard to state law. And, perhaps not.

    Comment by MP — September 5, 2017 @ 8:15 am

    • We agree. His letter was entirely reasonable and bolsters his candidacy. Most residents don’t want members with an agenda on either side-just sensible citizens with time to thoroughly research the issues and do what’s best to keep our City a great place to live. Could we move away from “virtue signaling” please?

      Comment by Nowyouknow — September 5, 2017 @ 7:59 pm

      • You’re alarmingly familiar with alt-right argot. Do you live in your parents’ basement?

        Comment by BC — September 5, 2017 @ 9:40 pm

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