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August 14, 2017

Check on it

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Another video from that July 18 City Council meeting. This is from Laura Thomas of Renewed Hope.

Laura Thomas makes an excellent point in this clip about the duty of the Planning Board members. Meaning that if the members are voting against a project without a defensible reason to vote against the project (aka doesn’t meet zoning or land use) then they are not doing their duty as a Planning Board member. Watch here:

She goes on to point out that two of Trish Spencer’s appointees failed that exact test.  Now given that the current Planning Board’s majority understands that duty, those two Trish Spencer-esque votes are harmless, but if Trish Spencer is allowed a rubber stamp to fill those seats with similarly minded Board members, it will mean that every issue will require oversight by the City Council because the action would not align to existing approved City documents.

Given that Trish Spencer herself doesn’t cast votes that align with existing City policy, it’s not a huge stretch that her appointees would follow suit.  But that’s why there’s a check against her nominating powers when it comes to City boards and commissions.  The City Council should exercise their check judiciously.

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  1. Laura Thomas makes a good point. Focus on ways to work with the developer to make the project better instead of just saying no. If not, the State will enact laws to override local laws (e.g. the Accessory Dwelling Unit law) and we’ll give up our opportunity to get a good community benefits package and good design. Why? Because there is a regional housing crisis!

    By the way, speaking of the Brisbane Baylands from an earlier post — looks like now that housing is getting approved — they are getting jobs!

    Comment by Karen Bey — August 14, 2017 @ 7:08 am

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