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August 9, 2017

Good morning, Alameda!

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You know I am a super fan of anything Alameda politics related.

Well, the newest entry into the world of Alameda politics wonkiness is a radio show (!!!!) about what’s going on in City government.  It’s taking the world of Twitter’s #alamtg to the masses (sans gifs unfortunately) in a portable audio version.

Hosted by Angela Hockabout, you can find more details about the genesis of the show here.

The first episode is already in the can and ready to listen to here.  The first interview is of Alameda City Clerk and overall super star Lara Weisiger.  One fun fact that I learned from Angela Hockabout’s interview with Lara Weisiger is that if you want to speak in front of any public body, you do not have to give your name on the speaker slip.  You can totally give a fake name, or maybe identify yourself with a piece of clothing but your name is not mandatory.  That means that all the other identifying contact info, also not mandatory.  Probably because speaker slips are public record and can be requested in a public records request.

It’s a really good overview of how meetings are structured if you’ve never been to a City Council meeting before.  Worth a listen.

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  1. we’ve been telling you about those nameless speaker slips for years, Ldo. Don’t you read your own blog?

    Comment by vigi — August 9, 2017 @ 2:41 pm

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