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June 15, 2017

Never having to say you’re sorry

Filed under: Alameda — Lauren Do @ 6:05 am

This was a pretty cryptic comment under yesterday’s context setting post.

Given recent events, I think it’s time to turn down the rhetoric. The issue has been settled and Pride Month should be celebrated instead of used for political leverage.

What’s up with the demand to apologize? This is a challenging issue and not everyone agrees. I remember President Obama changing his mind about gay marriage in 2008 and not having to “apologize” for his previous stance.

I’m not sure what “recent events” are being referenced here, after all so much has happened both nationally and locally it’s hard to discern what “recent events” we should be mindful of.

As to the issue having been “settled” it really has not.  While I’m sure that folks who really like Trish Spencer either personally or they agree with her political views want to imprint their own personal moral and political views on her, from my knowledge since Trish Spencer’s votes on the School Board she hasn’t made any public, formal announcements as to her evolution on the issue, unlike President Obama who did make very public announcements with regard to his evolution on the issue as well as him taking proactive legislative action to support the LGBTQ community.  Her throwaway comment of “support” is as useful as her comments to every other group she claims to support but then proceeds to make votes to the detriment of that group.  Her petulant comments to a reporter shows her lack of acknowledgment of the hurt and pain caused by her votes and her positions back during her time on the School Board:

“I wish the focus was on what our city did. I don’t think it’s appropriate for me to apologize for them detracting from what our city is doing,” the mayor said. “I don’t appreciate it.

She continued: “I will not apologize for wanting all children to be protected and feel safe. It’s sad we are where we are,” then added that she fully supports the LGBTQ community.

So the only real issue that has been “settled” is that Trish Spencer is not sorry for her votes cast in 2009 and 2010 and the resulting effect had on LGBTQ members, their families, and their allies.  Instead it shows that Trish Spencer was and still is essentially pushing the “All Lives Matter” narrative rather than understanding that while all children deserve to be protected and feel safe at that particular time our children were feeling particularly vulnerable because of anti-gay bias. Rather than learning and growing and….evolving, Trish Spencer instead frets about these activists “detracting” from a feel good photo-op.

Here’s the full video of why the Alameda LGBTQ activists ceremoniously returned the proclamation.

Rather than attempting to understand the reasons why this was done, Trish Spence instead “apologized” for the misunderstanding of who the proclamation was for and instead invited any gay person in the audience to accept, I guess, on behalf of all other LGBTQ community members in Alameda.

I’ll point out that two of the folks that rose to accept were landlords who had come out to agitate against just cause (much more on that whole business later).

And subsequently Trish Spencer nominated one of the three to the RRAC to fill the housing provider” seat.  It was definitely not just a happy coincidence that there was someone in the audience willing to salvage some face for Trish Spencer after having LGBTQ leaders reject her proclamation in protest of the rainbow-washing that was being attempted through the happy photo-op which we all know is going to be featured prominently on some campaign collateral.



  1. “Cryptic comments?” “I’m not sure what “recent events” are being referenced here, after all so much has happened both nationally and locally it’s hard to discern what “recent events” we should be mindful of.” You really are denser than I thought. Two words: Steve Scalise.

    Recent events: A Liberal asking where the Republicans are practicing for the charity baseball game.SO HE CAN SHOOT THEM.
    It is now too dangerous for the POTUS to attend the annual charity Republican-Democrat baseball game in Arlington, VA.

    If you still don’t get the significance of “recent events”, you are beyond reason.

    Comment by vigi — June 15, 2017 @ 9:30 am

  2. Even more striking than the irony of vigi suggesting someone is beyond reason is that Spencer refused to address the Lesson 9 issue when confronted with it. Rather like another leader who rode the populist wave to power, she seems unwilling ever to admit error.

    Comment by BC — June 15, 2017 @ 9:59 am

  3. Geez the drumbeat continues: Trump, Trish Spencer (don’t forget the other 4), Identity Politics…I’ll say it again, this city continues to be on the schnide. Tick, tock.

    Comment by Il Cane di Ferro — June 15, 2017 @ 10:00 am

    • I was waiting for your regular tick tock. The prune juice is working!

      Comment by BC — June 15, 2017 @ 10:13 am

  4. It is always fascinating to watch vigi try to change the dialogue anytime issues of local racism and homophobia are brought up. Those topics must really make her feel uncomfortable, likely because it hits so close to home. I feel so sorry for her that the most she could bring to Rasheed’s discussion of Alameda’s quirky brand of racism was to criticize his grammar, and here, instead of acknowledge Alameda’s history of homophobia, she throws out unsubstantiated rumors about an event on the other side of the country that has nothing to do with homophobia.

    Comment by notadave — June 15, 2017 @ 10:03 am

    • Learn to read, notadave. I quoted the very first line of this day’s blog. That is participating in dialog,not changing it. I happen to think attempted murder of someone for their political color is far more significant than the hurt feelings of any special interest group. What unsubstantiated rumors?

      Readers generally stop reading an article when it stops making sense. If Rasheed doesn’t learn to write more coherently, he isn’t going to persuade anyone. That’s why a writer must have someone who is not himself edit his work before publishing it. Evidently this concept is no longer taught in schools anymore.

      Comment by vigi — June 16, 2017 @ 12:14 pm

      • vigi- being vague about which “recent event” sort of hints at something menacing and amplifies it even though the statement is supposed to be the opposite intent. Can you wrap your head around that ? That’s what is “cryptic”. Using innuendo to blend recent issues of gun violence with local friction by being vague kind of begs another incident, don’t you think? Probably not, because that logic of reverse psychology is too complex for you. As for POTUS, he could have attended. In fact if he wanted to walk his talk he should have attended but he doesn’t have the balls. He is a model for nasty and provocative behavior which encourages others. Thus the spoike in hate crimes. The Republicans really seemed shaken that the chickens came home to roost.
        BTW- Shooting people you disagree with is not liberal of progressive behavior. This shooter, like so many had mental problems and the guy he shot voted for him to have access to his weapon. How Ironic. I wonder if the shooter knew who Scalise was, beyond him being a Republican.

        Comment by MI — June 16, 2017 @ 4:14 pm

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